Saturday, September 20, 2008


Whew!  Sorry I haven't updated this since I began moving.  I fought for an hour at least the other day trying to get one of those cool looking scrapper backgrounds for my blog and I couldn't get it to work!  Drat!  So my goal this weekend is to do that so it looks more scrapper-ish rather than blah like now!

I'm putting out a shout out to my friend Shannon B on the West Coast who must think  I am stalking her (sorry Shannon, but I am just a little bit LOL!)  and here is her blog:

One of my other favorites that I check all the time is my awesome upline's, Collen R!  So here is her blog too:  There are several more that I am addicted to, I admit it!  So I will add them as I figure this all out.  

I can't wait for Sunday as I am going to the free crop in my town to play with my pals!  I am going to get all the paper cut for my Christmas Card workshop!  Whoo Hoo!

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