Saturday, September 20, 2008


Or rather, I wish I were sleeping.  Last night Nate started coughing again.  He'd gone a week without being sick, now we're right back to runny nose and cough.  Sigh.  But when he's sick he wants to sleep with me, so I let him and that way I can monitor the cough as well-he has asthma so it's important to listen for wheezing.  But the side effect is I don't sleep very well with him and then he took my spot in the bed!  We have a great bed-one of those sleep by numbers beds, and Nate must really love it too!  So, I took my pillow and moved down about 3 feet on the bed, so at least half of me was on the bed-although half was not!  I mostly dozed in an L formation the rest of the night.  Then Maggie came in, then Nate fell out of bed, and well, then we were up.  

I had my hostess club last night-ten ladies making cards in my dining room!  It is an awesome group of women who make me laugh every time we meet.  Two of my team members were there too, Amy F. and Melissa B., and we talked for about an hour once the club was over.  I am so happy that I joined CTMH and started doing all of these things that I never would have done before.  Once everyone left, though, I was so wound up I could've scrapped all night!  What I did instead though, was check my favorite blogs.  I listed two of them previously, but here are two more that I check all the time:

Jeanette Lynton's blog:

Jeanette Lynton is the founder and CEO of Close to My Heart and she is the sweetest woman!  I have not met her personally-although I tried to meet her at convention-but listening to her speak and reading all of her missives to us is inspiring.  She has really made it in her life and I take a lot from her blog posts and her letters in every Idea Book.  As consultants, we also receive a bi-monthly newsletter from corporate, and she writes to us there too.  It's worth becoming a consultant just to be in this woman's circle.  You know how Oprah inspires a lot of people?  Well, Jeanette is MY Oprah.  Whoo Hoo Jeanette!

Tina S. is another amazing woman that I have met and talked to on the phone.  Boy, I nearly passed out when my cell phone rang on my dad's birthday in July and I heard her voice!  WHEW!  She is the senior executive director of the national team that I belong to, the Scattered Hearts.  She, like me, was a teacher who quit and worked her CTMH business full time.  She inspires me every day as well.

Well, this originally started out about sleep and turned into my CTMH Idols again!  Sorry, but they are really wonderful women and I'm lucky to move in the same circle as them.


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