Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day Two

-Up at 5 am to get ready for school...well, I hit snooze two times so up at 5:09.

-Got Maggie up at 5:35

-Got Nate up at 6 am-he did NOT want to get up today

-Dropped kids off at day care, went to Wawa and got breakfast and gas, drove to school

-Printed out mid-marking period grades, cleaned off my desk, taught three periods, ate lunch, then scrapped at little at my desk on my prep period.  I am finishing a 9 x 9 accordion album for a craft show this weekend and wanted to get the last 4 pages done, but I had forgotten to bring my adhesive, so I cut the paper and inked the edges, but couldn't glue it down.

-Taught two more periods, drove to the post office, then the bank, then home to work on the album for 10 minutes before getting the kids

-Picked up the kids, came home and played outside (got some great shots of Nate throwing stones all over Ronnie's nice clean yard and Maggie swinging super high on her swing), cooked dinner, and read two new scrapping magazines.  Well, "read" is an overstatement!  I glanced through them while reading Thomas to Nate and commenting on Madagascar to Maggie, doing the nebulizer and ear drops, and making the lunches

-Checked my email and blogs, then decided to record Day Two here!  

What did you do today?

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