Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Well, today is Thursday and I took very few pictures for my week in my life challenge!  Boo!  It was very similar to Wednesday so I may have lost some of my enthusiasm.  Here's what I did in a nutshell:

-Up at 5, thought I had forgotten to set my alarm but why else would I be up at 5 am?

- Kids up, got Maggie pancakes at McD's for a treat, was sad because Nate thought he was having HIS cake, which is a milk-, egg-, and soy-free chocolate cake that is really very good. He was upset.

-Went to school, gave one kid lunch detention for telling me to "chill", scrapped on my lunch period, was told by my department head to be careful about leaving school right after the busses leave as the principals are "watching".  Am I not allowed to leave????

-Came home, took a quick nap as the kids were playing outside at school and get mad if I pick them up early.

-Picked up kids and found out that Nate had a rough day all day, and Maggie had a headache after her nap.  

-Made Nate's chocolate cake with both Nate and Maggie "helping".  Nate likes to stir the dry ingredients together-it's pretty funny until he pulls out the whisk and cocoa powder flies all over the kitchen!  We ate lots of batter-no eggs to worry about!!!

-Read my new CK magazine, Nate's meds, and off to tubby and bed time.  Watched a really funny SNL weekend update episode, wished it were Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin-that's WAY too funny!

I promise to add photos to all of this, which is the point!  

Check out my Upline's version of this same challenge-hers is awesome!  See it here.


Colleen Rossi said...

Hi Jen!!! Good for you keeping a "Week in the Life" blog. Now, I'm doing the same project and you know what?? I can't wait to scrap my "Week in the Life" Album. How cool is this :-) Colleen

Jennifer said...

I am excited to make the album too! I haven't been very good about posting all the pics but I did take them and plan on using our new acrylic album to showcase my week! :)