Sunday, October 26, 2008

Looking for a few good scrappers.....

I want you to think about this scenario:

I wanted a new job in the scrapbooking industry, so I went to my LSS and asked for a job.  I outlined the following specifications:  I wanted to have a minimum 22% discount on everything I purchased, with a cap at 50% depending on my monthly sales.  I wanted to have a commission on top of that for every person that I hired at the store and trained, and as that person's sales went up, so would my commission.  I wanted to have access to superior quality products that are trendy and "now", and I wanted them all to coordinate so that I could get as much bang for my buck.  I also demanded to have FREE training on all projects that we offered, as well as FREE training for business, creative, personal, and leadership aspects of the trade.  Oh, and I wanted to work when I want, with who I want, as much as I want, with an unlimited income potential.  Oh Oh!  AND, I want to do all of this from home.  

What do you think the LSS said to me?  Exactly.  Laughed in my face.  Because of course this scenario doesn't exist right?  Where on earth could you find THIS job???

Well, actually, that's easy.  You CAN have this job.  Right now.  With Close to My Heart when you join my team.  Every single thing I listed above is what I can have with CTMH.  Our consultant kit is $99 and through October 31, when you join CTMH you receive an additional $100 in products!  

Want a fabulous job that can take you anywhere you want to go?  It's easy.  Contact me and ask your questions, and we'll sign you right up and start you on a truly wonderful career path that will make you money and give you time with your family and anything you want.  It's yours for the taking.

What are you waiting for??

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