Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today's Events

I have been inspired by Ali Edwards (www.aliedwards.typepad.com) to document one week in my life.  She suggested taking pictures of everything you do all week long and then make a mini album out of it, sort of a tribute to your life.

So today was my day one.  I did take some photos, but forgot to take the camera with me when I went out, so I think for today I will just list the things I did and upload the photos later.  Here goes:

-Up with Maggie at 7 am, fixed her Lucky Charms and went back to bed with Nate (still sick from surgery yesterday)

-Up at 8 am with Nate, he gave me my glasses to go through his flash cards with him-how could I say no?

-Changed Nate's diaper, gave him crackers, ate a bowl of cereal

-Checked email and read blogs

-Set Maggie up on the computer to play Nick Jr games, put ear drops in Nate's ears (he got tubes yesterday) which made him cry

-Took a shower-Nate kept coming in to give me a shirt!  There's no privacy with little kids!

-Gave Nate his nebulizer and read Corduroy's Party, Corduroy goes to the Doctor, Corduroy's Busy Street, adnd Corduroy's Trick or Treat until treatment was over (takes 20 minutes!)

-Called my mom, told her we needed rice milk

-Met my mom at the store to get rice milk, she helped keep track of Nate in the cart as he kept trying to escape

-Went to my parents' house and ate lunch, kids played with their grandparents, and we relaxed

-Came home, Nate fell asleep in the car, Maggie played outside with the cats, and I read a really interesting article in Rolling Stone on John McCain (read it here)

Now, this is what I have so far and it's 5:14 pm.  My day doesn't end until about 10 or 11 pm but I may not have a chance to keep going today.  I will have to address the pile of dishes in the sink soon and think about dinner, and Nate will need his nebulizer and ear drops again tonight, and I need to make the lunches for tomorrow's day.  Today was not a usual Tuesday for me, though.  I am usually at school on Tuesdays, but with Nate's surgery and my sore throat moving into my chest for a nice cough/chest cold, I thought it a good idea to stay home and rest.  

I challenge you to also document one week of your life!  Don't worry about what you do, if you think it's boring or whatever, just do it.  Everyone has laundry yet I am fascinated with people's blogs about laundry.  It's a photograph of your life in pictures and words.  Tell me what you decide to do!

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