Friday, October 31, 2008

WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!  I've been promoted!  Welcome to my newest team member, Althea!  She signed up to be a consultant this week, taking advantage of the super sweet Chocolate promotion CTMH had.  She received about $400 worth of amazing products for just $99!  You can't beat that!  Plus for joining my team she also received lots of other goodies too.  

What I love about this company is the incentives they offer us as consultants.  When Althea signed up on my team, I was promoted!  I am now a Manager!  I am so lucky to have found this company and the direct sales industry as a whole.  This is the way to go, people!  Where else can you do the things that I am doing and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it?????  I am just that much closer to realizing many of the goals I have set for myself and I am loving it.  I also love that I get to help my team members realize their own goals and dreams.  Althea is planning on using her fabulous new discount to keep herself in CTMH style-but who knows what might happen as she shares her passion with her friends?  She might just suddenly have a thriving business on her hands that brings her joy.  I wish her the very, very best and I feel so lucky to be able to be right here as she discovers what kind of business she wants to have, and I also get to help her.  WHEEEEE!!!!!  I love this!  THIS makes me happy!

I hope that your job brings you as much joy as my job (not that I think of it that way!) brings me!

This is Nate last night as Ronnie carved the Jack o' Lanterns!  He was spitting and singing and having a grand ol' time!

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