Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and already saw Santa!

Here is the delicious corn souffle that I posted about earlier in the week!  YUM!  I can't post pictures of what it looks like on the inside, as we ate it ALL!  OOOOHHHHH!  So good!  

In other news, we already saw Santa!  On Long Beach Island, where my husband and I both grew up, there is a town called Barnegat Light.  In this town there is a famous lighthouse, aptly named Barnegat Lighthouse.  It is red on the top and white on the bottom, you've probably seen pictures of it.  We saw in our local paper, the Sandpaper, that Santa was arriving by Coast Guard boat in Barnegat Bay and would then be taken by fire truck to town hall to light the Christmas Tree, followed by pictures and refreshments.  So off we went!

Last year's Christmas and Santa picture features Maggie smiling serenely at the camera, while Nate is purple with anger and fright, and I sent those picture cards right out!  Nothing I could do about it, clearly another visit to a different Santa would yield the same results, and everyone loved the photo anyway.  

So, as we waited in a very long, slow, and hot line to see this Santa, we figured another screaming Nate photo was in our future.  I hadn't even dressed the kids in their Christmas outfits since it was so cold outside to see Santa come off the Coast Guard boat.  They were in sweats and thermal shirts!  I'm not sure that I even washed their faces.  Mother of the Year, that's me!  

Maggie had her list in her hand, very excited about it all, and Nate had his list but wasn't sure why.  When it was our turn, Maggie strode right up to Santa, shook his hand (she shakes the hands of all characters like this), and hopped right up on his lap.  My sister Alex asked Nate if he'd like to sit with Maggie and Santa too, and to our shock he said Uh huh!  So up he went!  NO TEARS!  He even smiled a little bit!  YAY!  Maybe this is the year of Santa for Nate.  

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Deb said...

I love, love, love LBI! :) I was just in Barnegat Light for a week during November. I love the island off season. OOhh, and we had the BEST porkchop special at Tuckers..ooh, it was so good!

I have an LBI website if you'd like to see it at and just recently made a video for LBI.

You can see it here:

Cheers, Deb :)