Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I LOVE this from Stacy Julian

If you have read Simple Scrapbooks Magazine, then you know of Stacy Julian.  I check her blog every day:  http://stacysbigpicture.typepad.com. She is amazing.  

She posted a few days ago words that resonated with me and I need to share them with you because so many women tell me scrapbooking is too hard, too creative, too messy, too time consuming.  Well, read this from Stacy:  

"Let go.  Stop making this so hard.  Stop worrying about whether you are doing it right or whether you are good enough or whether you have the right stuff you need or whether you can keep up or whatEVER.  If your pictures and stuff aren't organized, do something about it.  Stop procrastinating and JUST START telling your stories.  Long stories, short stories, stories from this past summer and stories from when you were little.  Stop leaving blanks on your pages where you will go back and add journaling.  STOP that right now.  Start using your own imperfect handwriting and stop thinking it will ruin your page.  My goodness girls there is so much good that happens in and through this amazing hobby.  Let's just decide to let go and let it happen."

Amazing, right?  I 100% agree with this.  Whatever you do is right.  There are no mistakes, no bad pages, only memories saved for your family.

Stacy wrote this post in response to a young boy who suddenly lost his mother.  She didn't wake up one day.  Gone.  She was a scrapper, and so his faith that he had was still strong, because he could go back and read what his mother had written about him, and he in turn made a scrapbook about her all by himself.  I think that is amazing.  You have to go to her blog and read the whole story, it'll make you cry.  Stop worrying about whether your page is "good enough" or "done right".  Your family will not care about the embellishments you used or didn't use.  They will care about the love you show on your pages and the words that you wrote about the memories you have.  THAT is important.  Don't ever leave journaling off the page.  Never.  

I hope that this strikes a chord in you as it does in me.  

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