Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank you Thank you Thank you Colleen!

I got home late tonight from my CTMH  upline's house where we had a meeting.  My upline is Colleen, and I have written about her before, and I love going to her meetings and getting all pumped up again about Close to My Heart, which I am already pretty excited about all the time but I get even more excited!  

But tonight was different.  Colleen has just been accepted into a very prestigious program for school counseling at Rider University, and she was unable to continue holding unit meetings at this time.  While I am so happy for her, I know I will miss getting together with this group of women who share my passion and especially with Colleen, as she is very inspirational to me.

Colleen always gives out awards to top sales and new members of her team, and really gets us excited.  Tonight she gave me a very special gift but I didn't open it at her house, and I'm very sorry that I didn't.  As the first manager on her team, Colleen presented me with a beautiful silver necklace with a heart pendant on it, as well as a special CTMH bracelet that she wore or had with her the entire time she was earning the Alaska Cruise a couple of years ago.  She passed it on to me as I work my way towards the Western Caribbean Cruise that is our current incentive program.  Plus Colleen wrote me some wonderful words of encouragement that I will read every day as I travel on my journey to become a leader in this company that I love so much.  

I will take pictures of the necklace and bracelet tomorrow and post them, and I can't wait to call Colleen to thank her for her support and encouragement.  I think you're awesome Colleen!  And I can't wait to make you corn souffle!  

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Colleen Rossi said...

Hugs to you, Jen! Keep reaching for the stars...I KNOW you will make your dreams come true. :-) Colleen