Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas! The madness is over...

and we are relaxing.  Here's a before and an after:

Lots of fun!  Maggie's favorite toy was her makeup table (she's been beautifying herself quite a bit!) and Nate's was, of course, Thomas.  He got some new tracks and was just thrilled.  It took Maggie about 45 minutes to rip all the paper off, then she started playing.    Nate took about 2 hours to get all the paper off!  His biggest problem was that he'd unwrap one thing and run off to play.  Finally by the end of it all, I unwrapped a present and said, "Nate, look what Santa brought!".  A little anticlimatic, but we got it done.

Ronnie and I did not do presents for each other this year.  We put the entire budget towards the kids.  My brother in law helped us out and so did my parents and sister.  Ronnie hasn't been to work since October 14th!  It has been rough going.  I think many people are in our same boat.  I think he may be able to go back to work soon-I hope!!!

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