Saturday, December 6, 2008


So yes, it was true.  My hubby and I are going on a free cruise to the Bahamas!  We had to listen to a one hour presentation for vacation packages-not time share, but you buy 30 weeks of vacation and can use them any time and any way you want.  Actually it was interesting, but at the moment we literally have NO extra money.  

For our trouble, we did get the cruise.  We ended up laughing hysterically because the lady who did the presentation did a great job-I was very impressed with her sales skills-but when we said no, she brought in the first man.  He gave us a better deal, but we still said no.

Then we went in to see "Back Room Sal".  We have no idea what his real name was, but he was straight out of the Sopranos!  He chatted us up for about 5 minutes then cut the best deal yet.  I could feel Ronnie tensing in his seat, ready to say YES, but we said no one more time.  Then, faster than you can believe, he signed a form, flipped us a thin file with our cruise info, said to call this number if we had questions, and stood up.  Time's up!  We started to go back out the way we came, but he ushered us right out the back door right into the parking lot!  No losers parading through the fancy front room! Right into the lot!  We laughed ourselves silly!

But we got the cruise, and that was fun.  We got to have a night out with entertainment, then went to dinner and did some people watching.  The best table at Olive Garden was the three college students, two males and one female.  At first I thought it was a couple with the unattached guy roomie, then I decided that the unattached guy was gay.  Then as things progressed I thought I might have the wrong two people paired up.  I think I knew for sure who was the couple when the two men got up and went to the bathroom together!  Really!  We were giggling for awhile over that one.  We love to people watch!  

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