Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yikes! I haven't posted in a long time!

Hello!  I haven't posted because I've just been so busy.  January has been a great month for me with my CTMH business.  Every weekend has had something, so this is a rare night off for me.  I will be cutting some paper this evening for a workshop tomorrow, as well as getting ready for two new team members' first party next week.  February is looking busy too, which is awesome!  

There are just under 100 days left of school!  WHEE!!!!!  I can't wait!
Maggie just got a flu shot and a pneumonia shot in preparation for registering for kindergarten!  I just can't believe that she is going to be riding the bus and going off to kindergarten!  My biggest fear right now is that I will follow the school bus every day and embarrass her!  I know she will love it, and I know she loves learning, but I am nervous anyway.

There are only a few days left to order your Key to My Heart kit for National Papercrafting Month!  Everyone loves this kit!  Visit my website at and order it before it goes away!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ahhh, the simple fun of hide and seek

My four/almost five year old is trying to play hide and seek with her brother, the just turned two Nate.  He can't count but says random numbers, and he hides at the same time she does.  So the game has an interesting dynamic to it:  they both hide, they both count, and then they find each other in the same places they used for hiding two minutes ago!  But they're having fun and I guess Maggie is just happy someone will play hide and seek with her.  It's her favorite game.  For all of the space we have in this house, there are not too many good hiding spots.  Even outside, there's not many spots to hide in.

My favorite game as a kid was pretend.  I had/have a vivid imagination and was always pretending something.  My dad built us a clubhouse when we were little, and that was my hideout; my bakery for mudpies, mudcakes, and mud brownies; my home; and my thinking spot.  I would've slept out there if I had been allowed!  Several sheets of plywood and a dirt floor-my castle.  I also pretended that I was an Olympic ice skater as I slogged around the frozen puddle across the street in winter, imagining that my Nikes were skates.  We also had a metal bar that my dad put up for us that we swung on endlessly, and of course I was Nadia on that bar!  I was never brave enough to try a penny drop, but I swung on that bar every day in the summer, from my hands and from my knees.  Even if I was playing Barbies, pretend was how the Barbies came to life.

I think I will have to scrapbook my old playhouse and do some journaling about pretending.  What was your favorite game as a kid? 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Open House is Saturday: Idea Extravaganza!!!

Yeah!  My Idea Extravaganza is Saturday January 10th and I can't wait!  Here is the cover of the NEW Close to My Heart Idea Book that all guests are getting for FREE!  Yeah!  Would you like one too?  Click here and let me know that you need this new idea book chock full of gorgeous layouts, papers, and of course, STAMPS!

Are you local to me (South Jersey?)  Then why not come over to play!  We will be checking out artwork, playing with stamps, learning some techniques, and in general creating scrapbooking mayhem!  Tons of fun!

Email me for directions, or to place an order if you are unable to come over but can't resist CTMH!  I know I can't!  Email me here! Happy Scrappin'!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Some new artwork !

Here;s some new artwork I wanted to share!  Not all the pages are completely finished, they need titles or more embellishments, but I wasn't able to upload to my Close to My Heart website today so I am posting them here.  

The top slideshow shows various samples using Emporium!  I LOVE this paper!  Perfect for girls or boys, great colors, and I am teaching this cool brayer technique this month.

The next slideshow shows Stardust, another favorite (unfortunately, all the paper in the new Idea Book is fabulous!!!)  This two page layout shows Nate's very serious take on his 2nd birthday.  This definitely needs more "stuff" but isn't it cute already?

Next is a four page layout using a level 1 kit of Magic Moments from the Autumn/Winter Idea Book.  The pages come together so quickly because most of the work is done already in a level 1 kit.  I added pictures, My Stickease, ribbons, and some fancy die cuts.  All four pages were completed within an hour!  That's pretty good!!!

And then finally my one page using Key to My Heart, January's special paper pack with E sized stamp set.  I used a new technique (new to me!) called faux embossing.  I first stamped the floral in white daisy pigment ink, dried it with my heat tool, then stamped the same image using Sorbet ink slightly offset (sorbet paper with sorbet ink).  I lifted this technique from a fellow CTMH consultant who was kind enough to share it on our team yahoo group!  I think it looks really cool and it is very easy to do.  

Enjoy!  Get some creating done!