Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ahhh, the simple fun of hide and seek

My four/almost five year old is trying to play hide and seek with her brother, the just turned two Nate.  He can't count but says random numbers, and he hides at the same time she does.  So the game has an interesting dynamic to it:  they both hide, they both count, and then they find each other in the same places they used for hiding two minutes ago!  But they're having fun and I guess Maggie is just happy someone will play hide and seek with her.  It's her favorite game.  For all of the space we have in this house, there are not too many good hiding spots.  Even outside, there's not many spots to hide in.

My favorite game as a kid was pretend.  I had/have a vivid imagination and was always pretending something.  My dad built us a clubhouse when we were little, and that was my hideout; my bakery for mudpies, mudcakes, and mud brownies; my home; and my thinking spot.  I would've slept out there if I had been allowed!  Several sheets of plywood and a dirt floor-my castle.  I also pretended that I was an Olympic ice skater as I slogged around the frozen puddle across the street in winter, imagining that my Nikes were skates.  We also had a metal bar that my dad put up for us that we swung on endlessly, and of course I was Nadia on that bar!  I was never brave enough to try a penny drop, but I swung on that bar every day in the summer, from my hands and from my knees.  Even if I was playing Barbies, pretend was how the Barbies came to life.

I think I will have to scrapbook my old playhouse and do some journaling about pretending.  What was your favorite game as a kid? 

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