Thursday, March 26, 2009

What it means to be appreciated

I find this amazing!  I heard this week that Close to My Heart's competitor in the stamping industry, Stampin' Up, is laying off hundreds of workers in their plant in Utah.  Not really surprising, since layoffs are happening everywhere, but I just checked Jeanette Lynton's blog ( and there were pictures of her Staff Appreciation Day!

In a time of turmoil, uncertainty, fear, and stress, the founder of Close to My Heart took time to personally talk to every employee, hug them, and give them a gift of her appreciation.  She shows her consultants this same appreciation all the time:  every consultant gets a holiday card, and Directors receive a handmade card for both Christmas and their birthdays.  Gifts are sent to consultants at the Director level and above.  The corporate office calls every consultant when they have achieved a promotion and other gifts are given every year.  I have been with CTMH now for about 1 1/2 years, and I can say with all honesty that it is THE best company to work with.  

As a teacher, I have learned first hand that when you do your job well, you are rewarded with the most difficult students and co-teachers.  Teacher appreciation week consists of a box of bagels and one stick of butter dumped in the lounge for our consumption.  Birthdays are unrecognized by superiors, as well as any other accomplishments.  Satisfaction is hard to come by as well.  Have I had satisfaction in teaching?  Sometimes.  But in 14 years it's been hard to hang on to those small moments of satisfaction.  

I have learned what motivates me and I am working for it.  When people ask me how I can consider leaving education, I ask them, how can I NOT consider it???

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