Thursday, March 5, 2009

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! I'm going to Calgary!!!!

Yippee!!! I am going to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in April!  Close to My Heart, my scrapbooking company, holds several mini conventions called Regional Celebrations during the year.  I couldn't make it to the other two so far this year, or the Album Retreat a couple of weeks ago, although I dearly wanted to go and almost cried looking at others' photos!  I also made a HUGE goof and scheduled my family's trip to Cape Hatteras for the same time frame as the Leadership Conference in Long Beach, California this summer.  DUH!  

Last week Ronnie and I had our taxes done by a real accountant, he's actually a CFO for a town in NJ among other things, and my business gave us a HUGE tax return!  The best one we've ever had!  So today, when CTMH announced that the CEO, Jeannette Lynton, was going to Calgary to meet consultants and teach classes, I thought that some of that return money would be a great investment for my own business, plus I'd get to meet my very own "Oprah".  I've written before about Jeannette and how she inspires me to so many things in my life.  I don't watch Oprah much, but Jeannette has replaced that Oprah role in my life.  

I also can't believe how far away I'm going!  I checked the map again, and Calgary is north of MONTANA!  Seriously far away!  The furthest west I've been is to South Bend, Indiana.  I have been to Canada before, but Ronnie and I drove to Nova Scotia one summer-I'd totally go back there.  Now I need a passport too, so I need to get that rolling tomorrow.  This was a totally unplanned trip until about 4:00 this afternoon!  WHOOO HOOOO!!!

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