Monday, April 20, 2009

.......My baby turns FIVE tomorrow!!!

Here's my Little Miss America!  She turns FIVE tomorrow, which I totally cannot believe.  I watch her getting more and more independent every day, but still needing her blankie at night.  She can stand on her head, do cartwheels and hand stands, but still cuddles with me.  She can read and do some basic math, she likes to play hide and seek and play tricks on us, and more often than not I find her snuggled up against me in the morning in my bed.

My Margaret Guinivere is my little treasure and she goes to kindergarten in September.  I am so not ready for that!  

Out of my two kids, hers was the harder birth.  She was born with her cord wrapped around her neck and only got a 5 on her one minute apgar.  But, the doctors did their magic and she was a 9 on her 5 minute apgar.  I remember that day so incredibly well, and I am currently making some pages documenting the details of that wonderfully difficult birth, using CTMH's paper pack Unforgettable. It's going to be full of private tags with her story written on them so she can read all about herself when she's bigger.

Happy Birthday, my Maggie!!!  

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