Sunday, May 31, 2009

Deal A Day starts June 1!

Time to SHOP!  Go to my website every day in June and see if the Deal of the Day is something for you!  There are specials on stamps sets most days, as well as SIX days of a SURPRISE goody box!!  Holy Moley!  Special shipping rates and limitations apply, so read carefully.  Have FUN!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Keeping a friend in my thoughts today...

I learned today that a friend of mine and fellow CTMH consultant was in a horrible motorcycle accident this weekend.  Trish, second from the left, and her husband were out on a motorcycle ride when a car turned in front of them and caused the accident.  Trish's husband did not survive, and Trish is in very serious condition.  She is a wonderful lady, very creative, very supportive, and it was great to get to know her in Florida last August at Convention.  I've been thinking about her all day and praying for her recovery.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The ABCs of me

I saw this on Karen Pederson's blog (go here to see hers) and thought I would do it as well.  I might make an ABC book of myself for my kids to have someday.  Close to My Heart has an adorable 3 ring binder book that I bought and have been wondering what to do with it, and this might be just what I decide on!

Here's ME:
Age: 37
Bed size: King
Chore you hate: putting away the clean clothes
Dad's Name: Lester
Essential start your day item: Iced Tea
Favorite actor(s): Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Brad Pitt
Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5’7"
Instruments you play(ed): Flute, saxophone
Job title: Close to My Heart Manager
Kid(s): Maggie and Nate
Living arrangements: own a home in Tuckerton, New jersey with my husband Ron and our two kids, Maggie and Nate.
Mom's name: Karen
Nicknames: Jen, Hon (my husband calls me Hon, and I call him Hon, and sometimes the kids call us Hon too!)
Overnight hospital stay other than birth: I had an ectopic pregnancy before either of my kids were born.  It was New Year's Day, 2003, and I was in for two or three days, I don't remember.  I had my left tube removed as it had ruptured when I got to the hospital.
Pet peeves: rudeness and people who can't think for themselves
Quotes you like: "Whatever you choose to be, be a GOOD one."  Abraham Lincoln~~really made me rethink being a teacher and solidified my intent to quit teaching.
Rightie or Leftie: Rightie
Siblings: Alexandra, and Kim (who is not in my life at the moment)
Time you wake up: 5:00 a.m., although it will be later once school is over!!!
Umbrella: sometimes
Vegetable you dislike: onions, lima beans, there are more...
Ways you run late: If I am really into the book I am reading, or if I am trying to squeeze some scrapping in before picking up the kids, but generally I try very hard to be early instead of late.  Occasionally I am late because it is hard for me to leave my kids if they are upset.
X-rays you've had: back
Yummy food you make: brownies, Nate's chocolate cake (milk-, egg-, and soy-free), homemade ice cream...hmmmmm, I am seeing a trend here!  Ronnie is a much better cook than me, so he makes better dinner foods, like his BBQ yesterday, SOOOOOOOO  good.  
Zodiac: Pisces

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

...........Another Wishes pattern and Moon Doggie card!

Moon Doogie paper again, love them, and Wishes pattern Medallion.  The card is 5x7, and was super easy to put together.  Here's the recipe:

Cranberry cardstock
Desert Sand cardstock
Moon Doggie level 2 paper pack
Journey Journaling spots (blue circle)
Colonial White crocheted ribbon
Extreme Happiness stamp set (hibiscus, leaf-which is second generation stamped over sentiment, hard to see in the picture)
Cranberry ink
Desert Sand ink
Foam tool
Foam squares
Glue Dots
Bonding Memories Glue
Treasured Moments stamp set (sentiment)
Colonial White brads
piercing tool
Coluzzle circle cutter

Seriously, if you are into making cards, then you need to purchase Wishes right away!  It's that good.  Go here and BUY IT!  It is so inspiring and the techniques and artwork are fun to look at.  I open it to any page and say, I'll make this one!  I almost never do that!  I hem and haw and finally decide on a pattern, but Wishes is just that wonderful!  I hope you treat yourself soon!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

............Thank you!!!!

[LemonadeAward.jpg]Wow!  I won a blog award!  Thank you Samantha in Canada!!!  I am a total blog addict now, and visit my faves all the time, well, like every day!  LOL!  

The rules of the award (to pick up the Lemonade Stand Award):Comment on this blog.Cut and paste the award logo and use it in your own blog. Nominate 5 to 10 blogs you feel show great attitude and gratitude. Link to your nominees within your blog post.- Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received the award. Link back to the person who gave you the award to show your appreciation.  Okay, so the blogs that I give my Lemonade Award to are the following:
And back to Samantha, of course!!!

I like all of these blogs for the same reasons:  Each blog is authored by a different CTMH consultant, and although I may not have met all of them yet (but hopefully will soon!), each woman inspires me creatively and in lie in general.  Colleen is my amazing upline with CTMH and is just such a great person.  Karen is a consultant far away in Utah and I've never met her, but I have seen her present at CTMH events and she's really an amazing woman.  Tina is what I call my National Director:  she is the senior consultant on my national team the Scattered Hearts.  To say she's amazing is putting it mildly.  I admire her for her business sense, look to her to know how to lead a team, and her artwork always inspires me.  I have met Tina and she is a genuine person and I am so happy that I signed up with CTMH on her team.  Jeantte is, of course, Jeanette Lynton, CEO and founder of CTMH.  I have also met her and I am so blessed to have found her company.  Through CTMH, I am able to change my life.  Nona is a consultant that I have not yet met, but I saw her amazing album at Convention in Orlando last year and learned what an artist she is.  I love learning about her through her blog.  Tresa is one of the most talented people I've ever seen!  I have not met her yet either, but she does these awesome tutorials on scrapping and stamping and they have taught me so much.  Vicki is a consultant whose blog I have just discovered, but already I can see that she is very talented too!  And Samantha is my dinner pal from Calgary Regionals!  We had such a blast sitting next to each other at the Keg on our last night in Calgary, where she inspired me to order the enormous brownie sundae and then made me feel better by ordering a dessert too!  She ROCKS!  

Whew!  So there you go.  Now you know what I am doing when I am not playing with my papers and stamps!  I am reading blogs!  If you have a blog, please leave your address in the comments section so that I can check you out too!  I thank you again, Samantha, for the award!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

...........Moon Doggie card

Quick and dirty upload of a card I just made.  I used Moon Doggie paper, the Surf's Up Stamp Set (C1358), and the dry brushing technique with desert sand re-inker.  I think I used a little too much ink on the brush, but it's late and I was experimenting!  LOL!  The pattern is from Wishes (of course!), called Top It Off, page 50.  I also dry embossed some of the cardstock and then dry brushed over it to give it some definition.  I am definitely going to try the dry brushing again with re-inker, but I need to finesse my technique!  Give it a try and see what you come up with!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

..........Bella Cards!

Made some cards today.  Full recipes are on my website under My Artwork:  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Wishes book.  The patterns are just wonderful to work with.  Remember, by joining my team, I will buy you Wishes for FREE!  Scroll down for my previous post on the values of joining Close to My Heart and finding profit for your passion!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

.............Happy Mother's Day!

Two of my favorite pictures from Mother's Day 2009:  Nate driving his Cranky Crane Tonka truck for a VERY long distance on the beach, and Maggie flinging shells into the ocean like a ballerina!  These are going to make great scrapbook pages!!!!  

Saturday, May 9, 2009

...........My WISH for you...a Happy Mother's Day!

Isn't this so cute???  I am really proud of myself!  This is the best card I've made in a while...and I have WISHES to thank!  Wishes is Jeanette Lynton's newest how-to book, and it's the second for card making.  It is spectacular!  The patterns are great, fresh, new, trendy, and the artwork is stunning.  I love looking through the books and figuring out how the artists made it so fabulous, and Wishes is right up there with Imagine, my favorite layout how-to book.
Here's the recipe:
9033 WISHES 29.95
X7114 B Bella level 2 paper pack 12.95
D1354 Endless Friendship stamp 22.95 (flowers and vines)
D1283 Say it in Style stamp 22.95 (Happy Mother's Day)
D1349 Be Yourself stamp 22.95 (One of a Kind)
INKS:  5.25 each
Z2128 Hollyhock
Z2137 Olive
Z2167 Creme Brulee
Z2114 Cocoa
Z2147 Smokey Plum
Z2118 Desert Sand
Z268 Foam Squares 8.95
Z1104 Sparkles 2.95

Even if you're not really a card maker, you need this book!  I can show you how to follow the recipes to make your own unique and heartfelt cards.  

I am SO excited about Wishes that I am offering a special to anyone who joins my team, the Sandy Hearts, beginning TODAY, May 9th.  If you join my team, I will buy you your very own copy of Wishes to get started right away making new cards!  Signing up is easy, just go to my website: and choose Your Opportunities on the left.  Follow the instructions and you'll be on your way!  There are two bonus packs to choose from when you sign up, one is for scrappers, and one is for card makers.  Imagine....sign up, get the fabulous consultant kit for only $99, then you could choose the bonus packs and receive either Imagine or Originals, PLUS I will give you Wishes!  Don't forget this month all new consultants also receive a Tickled Pink kit FREE in their consultant kits!  Unbelievable!  

Let me show you the value:
New Consultant kit $99 Value $325+
Bonus Scrapper kit $60 Value $180+
Bonus Cardmaking kit $50 Value $150+
Tickled Pink  FREE Value $39.95+
Wishes  FREE Value $29.95
10 Idea Books FREE Value $39.95

So, if you bought the bonus packs on top of your consultant kit, your total investment in your new business would be $209, plus shipping and tax.  Your VALUE of your investment would be $764!!!  An unbelievable savings of $555!  You can't NOT sign up right now!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

......National Scrapbooking Month: Tickled Pink!!!

National Scrapbooking Month is here!  And Close to My Heart is offering this wonderful kit to get you in your groove this month!  It's called Tickled Pink and it is gorgeous!  It features exclusive paper, including glittery paper; an exclusive stamp set; die cuts that match up with the stamp set-really cool; white daisy mini medley accents; foam tool; and a workshop guide to help you create some new designs.

This kit is valued at over $60, but it's yours for just $34.95.  You can earn it for free by purchasing $60 in stamp sets, or host a party with sales over $400 and it's your free too!  Plus, for the month of May ONLY, I am offering DOUBLE HOSTESS REWARDS for my hostesses!  So if your party reaches $400, not only do you get the Tickled Pink kit for free, you will also receive $120 in free product!!!  What a DEAL!  You can't miss it!  

Another great way to get the Tickled Pink kit for free is to join my team in May!  The investment in Close to My Heart is only $99, and for that low investment, your kit is crammed full of goodies valued at over $350!!  Plus you get Tickled Pink for free, and a bunch of goodies from me as well.  Please email me to find out more about this exciting opportunity to support your habit, make a little extra money, or shoot for the stars!  

Also, CTMH is offering contests this month so if you are interested, click on the Flower Widget on the right side of my blog and visit the corporate sponsored contests.  Who knows, maybe you'll win big!  Good luck!