Thursday, June 25, 2009

Contents of my $100 Mystery Goody box!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just Because Card Workshop

This weekend I have a card workshop featuring the card patterns seen here.  ALl patterns are from the CTMH card confidence program WISHES (I may have mentioned Wishes before.....a couple of times!!)  The feminine cards use Bella papers and the masculine cards use Back Country.  I used a variety of stamp sets for each card, too many to list here, but it's amazing how quickly they can come together and now I have a huge stash of cards ready to go!!

Please contact me if you'd like to come to a future card workshop-this one is full!  

A Blog Award!!

[lovely_blog_award.jpg]Barb Carrico over at and my sister consultant with Close to My Heart nominated me for a Lovely Blog Award!!  Thank you Barb!  

I wrote about my favorite blogs a few posts back, so be sure to scroll through my posts to see what blogs I go to on a regular basis!  

Thank you Barb!  I am looking forward to working with you at the Expo in August!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Wonderful Day on the Island of Sodor

Today we visited Strasburg, PA, to visit Thomas the Tank Engine!  It was so cool!  Thomas is a full sized engine and you can ride him for about 20 minutes-but it was totally worth the drive out there and the cost.  We also rode another engine, Old Number 90, who took us through the countryside for about 40 minutes.  What a wonderful place to take the kids!  Both Nate and Maggie totally loved it and really believed we were on the Island Of Sodor-although we hadn't crossed an ocean that I noticed!!  

This is a Thomas made entirely of Legos!

Although we have had horrible amounts of rain lately, the whole time we were there, from 9 am to about 2 pm, it barely rained at all!  The one time it did, we hopped on our second train rain and went through the Amish countryside.  It was perfect because Nate took a catnap with the rocking of the train and the nice cushy seats-many parents were napping too!  

We plan on going back someday soon to also go through the Railroad Train Museum-it takes about 2 1/2 hours to go through and we had lost our steam by then-get it?  Lost our steam??  I know, lame joke, but we were on the Island of Sodor all day!  Give me a break!  LOL!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today's Deal of the Day is the third mystery goodie box in the series of 6.  The value of today's box is $$220!!!!!  The price is just $100 with shipping at $8.00.  I know that number sounds high, but just scroll down to the previous post to see what was in my first goodie box!!  I haven't received my second goodie box yet, but I think it comes this week.  Products are a mix of current and past favorites, with attention paid to coordination!  So, in my box I received products that worked together instead of just a jumble of "stuff" grabbed off the shelves!  It is such fun to open these boxes and see what's inside!  

And remember, you can also swap with me if you do receive items in your box that you don't like or already have.  I have quite a bit in my inventory that I'm sure will make you smile if you get duplicates or have something that's not your style.  Just visit and click on the box!  

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grab Your Mystery Box TODAY!!!

[GGBOX40.JPG]Today's deal is a Mystery Goodie Box!!!  The value of this goodie (number TWO of a total of SIX that will be offered) is $80, but you pay only $40 plus just $6 in shipping!  That is an amazing deal!  I ordered the fist Mystery Box and will be getting it tomorrow-but from what others have said I am expecting to open it to see a Magic Moments scrapbook kit, three stamp sets (that I DON'T have!), and then some more assorted things that have varied from box to box.  It also sounds like the products are coordinated-of course!  So you really can't go wrong!

Go HERE to my website to buy your own mystery box today!  If you need to exchange anything (duplicates whatever), please let me swap with you!  

Monday, June 8, 2009

More Animal Cookies

More Animal Cookies!!  These two pages I made more kid-friendly because the colors, since they're primary colors, just screamed THOMAS the Tank Engine.  Thomas is on my mind lately because Nate is back into making tracks all around the living room and playing trains.  We are also taking him to Strasburg PA in two weeks to ride Thomas!  So I have Thomas on my mind.  The workshop guide used a ton of the My Stickease, which are very cute zoo animals, but I needed trains.  So I took my train stamp set Childhood and made my own "sticker".  I also used the masking technique to put the green dots around the train, then a giant scallop punch for the background.  The "Smitten" is a sticker, the "with" are rub-ons, and "Thomas" is color-ready alphabet stickers.  Really cute!

This layout is part of my July workshop, so keep tuning in to see more!  

Sunday, June 7, 2009

July's workshop: Animal Cookies

This is my version of my July workshop, using Animal Cookies.  The workshop guide uses white daisy for the bases and is very kid-oriented, which is cool, but the desert sand bases looked great too, with the same paper pack.  I also used a different stamp from the stamp set and random stamped the bases, then choose several flowers and used an outline stamp in cranberry on those.  My title is 24/7, and I plan on using pictures of me with my kids in the summer, when we are together....24/7!  

The colors in this paper pack are cranberry, sunflower, dutch blue, desert sand, clover meadow, and white daisy.  Really fun to work with primary colors for a change!  I was really on a Bella and Moon Doggie kick, then I got obsessed with Twilight and Crystal Blue, so this was a great change of pace for me.

One thing I really love about my monthly workshops is it enables me to get outside of my zone a bit and use colors and techniques that I wouldn't ordinarily think to use.  

Make sure you check my website for the dates that this workshop will be available-I will be posting them soon!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Wishes cards!

All cards here are patterns from the Wishes book!  I am obsessed with this book.  My friend Christy is borrowing it so maybe I'll be able to snap myself out of this cared making frenzy I'm in!  LOL!  All the blue/green cards are papers from Emporium, and the brown and sorbet one is from Unforgettable.  LOVE them!