Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today's Deal of the Day is the third mystery goodie box in the series of 6.  The value of today's box is $$220!!!!!  The price is just $100 with shipping at $8.00.  I know that number sounds high, but just scroll down to the previous post to see what was in my first goodie box!!  I haven't received my second goodie box yet, but I think it comes this week.  Products are a mix of current and past favorites, with attention paid to coordination!  So, in my box I received products that worked together instead of just a jumble of "stuff" grabbed off the shelves!  It is such fun to open these boxes and see what's inside!  

And remember, you can also swap with me if you do receive items in your box that you don't like or already have.  I have quite a bit in my inventory that I'm sure will make you smile if you get duplicates or have something that's not your style.  Just visit http://jennifercox.myctmh.com and click on the box!  

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