Friday, August 14, 2009

Good Save!!

This month for my clubs and workshops, we created our own B&T (background and texture) paper using CTMH stamps.  This is a really cool way to maximize your stamps, as well as personalize your pages.  

We used Back Country colors, and several stamp sets including Backwoods, You're A Hoot, and Campin' Fever.  One of my very good customers and friends (waving to Mo!) was really in the groove, stamping her little heart out, and she didn't notice that ink had built up on her block, as it sometimes does.  When that happens, if you don't catch it, you may end up with ink lines on your page that are unintentional.  Well, Mo had lots of these going on, and she decided to make it an intentional part of her design instead of starting over.
She simply inked a block with colors and added to the unintentional lines to create a really cool random stamped paper!  Good Save, Mo!

One of my other club members, Jessica, also made a great save, but I didn't have my camera handy to capture it.  Another feature of the Back Country LO (scroll through a couple of older posts to see the whole layout) was dry embossing.  Jessica put her olive base page into her trimmer and used the embossing tool to score a line, that she would sand in the next step to expose the white core.  However, her paper moved in the trimmer and she ended up with a crooked line.  Rather than get upset that she had made a mistake, she simply added more "crooked" lines and ended up with a great effect!  It looked like she had wound hemp or fibers around the bottom of her layout!  It was another Good Save!  

If you would like to attend a club meeting to check it out, you're more than welcome!  Please email me at for the latest dates!

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