Thursday, February 11, 2010

Convention Swap Album

One of our most fabulous Close to My Heart events is quickly approaching...CONVENTION!!!  I love convention, so many ideas, friends, and free goodies!  One of the things I really liked about the 2008 Convention was our national team album swap.  My national team is called the Scattered Hearts, and a swap is when you make a whole bunch of your pages, exactly the same, and trade them with other people who have made a whole bunch of their pages, and once it's all done you've got a completed album.  It's cool, educational, and promotes our feeling of connectedness in our company.  I have no idea if other national teams do this as well, I would assume so, but I just don't know!  

Here's what I ended up with after the 2008 Convention in Orlando-this paper pack is retired now, Giggles and Grins, but it was perfect for Orlando:

Lots of red, black, yellow, and white.  I am signed up again for this year's convention album swap already-the paper we're using is You Rock-I am super excited about that!

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