Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reason Number 10 of the 31 reasons to join CTMH

Reason 10:  This one goes together with reason number 9 (Creativity).  Our How To books are phenominal!  What I love most about Close to My Heart is that we are the "Let me show you how" company, and these books are vital tools that support that motto.

Currently we have FIVE How To books, Reflections, Cherish, and Imagine are the three scrapbooking layout books.  Originals and Wishes are card making books (Wishes is not pictured here).  If you've never used these books before, here's a brief overview of each.

Reflections:  One page layouts, coordinating layouts are listed with each, fantastic for introductory pages in albums, layouts using lots of photos or large photos, and a MUST on your shelf is you use CTMH's Level 1 kits, as all kit pages come from patterns found here.  When I put together a Level 1 kit, I always reach for Reflections to see what the corporate artists did and incorporate some of those techniques.

Cherish:  A fanstastic compliation of two page layouts that fit any number of photos on your pages, tips and tricks are also listed with layouts and further explained in the back of the book.

Imagine:  My favorite!  This is similar to Cherish but maybe because it came in my kit, I adore this book!  I reach for this one first every time.  All brand new two-page layouts in this one, different from Cherish, but awesome.  Tips and tricks also included again.

Originals:  Jeanette Lynton's first card making series was introduced as a volume set that you purchased one at a time and put into the binder.  In 2008 it was updated completely, and although the patterns are the same, the paper in the photos was updated, and the techniques were also updated, making it another must have on your shelf.

Wishes:  My favorite of the card making books for its stunning samples, and I use it for inspiration on cards AND layouts because the teachniques are just amazing.  This card making book differs greatly from Originals in that there are three card workshops presented in this one, so if you need to make a bunch of cards, Wishes has patterns for cutting bulk amounts of paper and assembling cards to make it Faster*Simpler*Easier!  So easy to use for consultants planning a card workshop (I've used it for three card workshops so far) and for customers wanting to make their own cards for friends and family, I highly recommend you buy this one NOW!

You can go here to buy any of these books right now, or receive in them in the new consultant bonus packs offered when you buy your kit.  They are AMAZING!

Our national convention is this July, and I am STOKED!  I think there will be a new layout How To book released for Fall 2010-I just have a feeling!  The last one released was Reflections, and that was in 2008-way too long ago!  I said yesterday in my post about WOTG that each guide has a brand new layout exclusive to the WOTG kit, so I know Jeanette Lynton has been busy creating new layouts for us!  I will of course keep you updated!  

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