Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reason Number 11 of the 31 reasons to join CTMH

Reason 11:  Our My Acrylix stamps are the leader in the clear stamp industry, making it Faster*Easier*Simpler* to stamp on your projects!  Close to My Heart started as DOTS, Dozens of Terrific Stamps, over 25 years ago by Jeanette Lynton.  When she expanded into scrapbooking papers and albums, and the stamps numbered well over the thousand mark, the name changed to Close to My Heart.  

Soon CTMH switched to a clear acrylic-polymer material for all their stamps, and the magic grew even stronger!  If you are a rubber stamp die-hard, you may have avoided clear stamps thinking that they could never give as clear an impression as rubber, and if you bought them at a craft store, you'd be right.  Those clear stamps you buy in the stores are not high quality, usually smell terrible, yellow quickly (If they're not already yellow from being in the store), and stamp poorly.  Why should you stamp with clear stamps if that's how terrible they are?  (By the way, I LOVE how My Acrylix stamps smell when first opened, I sniff every pack I get, and usually my customers' too!  The smell goes away, but it just is wonderful!)

BUT, if you have not yet tried Close to My Heart's My Acrylix stamps, you are missing out!  Our stamps are THE best in the industry!  We have images to suit any need you might have, our stamps are rich in detail and as well as IF NOT BETTER than rubber stamps!  I have never had an issue with stamping using My Acrylix stamps.  I can SEE where I am stamping, which opens up a whole new world of techniques, and makes my projects go faster with less work.  No Stampamajig needed in MY craft room!  

We also have thick clear acrylic blocks to use with our stamps, providing a firm base for stamping that gives a great image every time.  Those thin blocks you can buy in the craft store, well, you might as well flush that money down the toilet.  They're cheap, yes, but when they're cheap they're also MADE cheaply, which means your stamps will not work as well as when using a My Acrylix block.  

A quick story:  when I started scrapbooking and card making, I desperately wanted to stamp.  I just thought it was so cool.  I bought wood mounted stamps, and inks, and went to it.  Soon I was upset because I was a bad stamper.  I couldn't get good impressions, because I couldn't see where I was stamping, and quite frankly I didn't understand how that Stampamajig thing worked!  So I was spending money on more expensive wood mounted stamps, with the same results-poor images and I couldn't see.  I was wasting money on stamps, paper (using more when the image wasn't right or I messed up), and getting frustrated.  Enter Close to My Heart.  In my new consultant kit, I received several stamp sets, blocks, and ink pads.  I couldn't wait to get started!  I was successful on my first try, and each time I stamped I got better and better.  I almost gave up on this wonderful hobby that I really loved, because I couldn't stamp with wood mounted stamps.

Close to My Heart is the leader in the industry in so many ways!  What a wonderful day it was when I discovered this amazing company.

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