Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reason Number 13 of the 31 reasons to join CTMH

Reason 13:  This is my Team Leader, Tina Sutton.  She started with Close to My Heart 14 years ago when she was a kindergarten teacher, and soon began making money doing gatherings and workshops.  When she heard about convention, she wanted to go and see what it was all about.  Once there, she became very motivated by a very small thing that we do-RIBBONS!  CTMH awards ribbons for all sorts of things-your management title, your reward earnings, etc.  When Tina saw those ribbons, she wanted to earn as many as she could and so began her real business of CTMH.  You can just see her ribbons hanging from her necklace in the picture!  She generally has the most of everyone!  

I am determined to have the same sort of business that Tina has-thousands of consultants on my team, inspiring and motivating them to earn rewards, and having FUN FUN FUN!  Tina is a fabulous inspiration to me, as is my direct upline, Colleen.  I don't have a photo of her to post but she is also such an amazing leader!  My reason for joining CTMH in this post is:  Leadership.  I LOVE being a leader, being a part of a team, and feeling valued for my contributions.  It's a great feeling, one you can have too, by joining my team today!  

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