Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reason Number 17 of the 31 reasons to join CTMH

Reason 17:  First of all, Happy St Patrick's Day!  Leprechauns were here in the night and left quite a mess for the kids to see~they loved it!

My reason today for joining Close to My Heart is one that came to me last night when I was enjoying myself at a Tastefully Simple party.  I was very impressed by the consultant, she worked really hard to make sure we all had a good time, she was full of energy and enthusiasm, and she really loves her job.  What does that have to do with CTMH?  I was struck by how much EASIER MY JOB IS compared to hers.  I watched the set up, because I was there early with one of the hostesses, and helped out a little, and the consultant never stopped moving.  She got all the samples set up, she buzzed around the living room making sure all her lap boards were full of the information, and because the new catalog started last week, she had a hard time knowing what was coming up next (just because new products were in there).  Plus, the lighting in the living room was pretty dim, and TS consultants read about their products from their cards.  She ran back and forth to the table behind her to the kitchen to the living room, describing the samples and adding her own recipes and tips as she went.

One of the things that she asked us was if we were interested in joining her team.  That's normal-consultants usually offer to answer questions about joining the company.  And I thought to myself-I could NEVER sell Tastefully Simple.  Or even Pampered Chef.  There is no way I could keep all the products straight, what you can do with them, how to change recipes to get some variety, and running back and forth between the kitchen, living room, and dining room would wipe me out!  And PC consultants have to cook in front of people! ACK!  Never!  

I know that different consultants do their parties differently, and how this consultant ran her parties worked for her. But I would never want to do it.  I also have a friend who sells TS, and I know the hostess kit costs them money.  I forget how much, but they have to buy them to give to the hostesses.  I don't like cooking very much in the privacy of my own home, much less in front of people expecting me to be able to come up with recipes off the top of my head!  The thought makes me so panicky!  

For me, selling Close to My Heart is incredibly easy!  I can do my parties so many different ways, and they actually cost me very little to do.  I set up the hostess with catalogs ahead of time, we decide on the type of project we're doing, and I show up with everything she needs to have a party.  Usually I bring lots of samples from cards to albums, and they are my own albums-nothing special needed.  I can choose to go through the catalog with everyone, or I can wing it and show people our fantastic paper kits and paper packs, how our stamps work, our 60-color palette, and then we PLAY!  We always make a project, either a card suitable for the season or holiday, or a one page layout.  I use materials from my stash or that I've bought for my club to use.  I don't have to show anything in particular, just what the hostess and I decide.  MY JOB IS SO EASY!  I don't have cards to read about our products, but I don't need cards.  I simply explain our philosophy of making scrapbooking Faster*Simpler*Easier* and we play.  I don't have to worry about making cutting mistakes in front of others because I cut all the paper at home before I go.  Our products are so easy to use, it's a cinch to demonstrate how to stamp in front of others.  I love my job!

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