Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reason Number 2 of the 31 Reasons to join CTMH

Reason Number 2:  All training in Close to My Heart is provided for free!  I have my PhD in Close to My Heart!  I even have a beautiful pin to wear that CTMH sent to me upon completing the Training Academy.  I can go online and review classes, or take new continuing education courses as they become available.  CTMH created courses led by outstanding consultants in creative, business, management, and personal growth.  For new consultants, training is essential so you are not "reinventing the wheel" in everything you do.  All of us have been the newbie at one point, and we are happy to share our mistakes and successes so that YOU have success!  

Training is also provided in the form of free conference calls, held monthly company wide and weekly in my team.  These calls cover everything from what to expect at convention to how to hold a workshop to basic stamping techniques.  Calls are recorded so if you can't listen live, you can download the call and listen at your leisure-or while you fold the laundry like I do!  CTMH sends all new consultants a weekly training email for the first six weeks so you have an outline of what to do if you are starting this as your business.  I also provide as much training as you like-if you want weekly calls, I'm here for you.  I hold meetings (monthly or every other month) for team members who like to get together and share ideas, eat, and have FUN!  You are not alone in CTMH!  

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