Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reason Number 20 of the 31 reasons to join CTMH

Reason 20:  This is my second post today, so please scroll down to see reason 19.  Reason 20 is CROPS!  I am leaving soon to go to an all day crop in Glassboro, NJ, where I will be a vendor for the ladies attending the crop.  I love this crop, I know many of these ladies now and enjoy spending the day with them.  I can take all my inventory, which is MY choice to have, and sell brand new products that are featured in the newest Idea Book, as well as older products that customers are still looking for.  CTMH allows consultants to carry inventory if they want to, although they recommend that you do not unless you are doing crops and expos.  We can buy brand new Idea Book items and sell them to our customers.  That's a BIG change from other companies-who only allow you to sell only retired items at crops, and some companies don't allow you to represent your business at scrapbooking expos.  I will be traveling to an expo in May that I'll blog about soon, and tell you what that's like.  Ina  word:  AWESOME.  But I will come backt to that.  

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