Monday, March 22, 2010

Reason Number 21 of the 31 reasons to join CTMH

Reason 21:  This badge says it all!  Close to My Heart has been in operation for nearly 26 years now, and Jeanette Lynton, CEO and founder of the company, holds several patents personally for the products she has designed.  That's where the "Owning the innovation" comes from.  CTMH is truly an innovative company.  They study what's on the market, what's trending, and what's coming up, and they have the facilities to add and subtract from the product line accordingly!  Our Idea Book is brand new THREE times a year, more than our competitors, and in each Idea Book there are over 100 new products....AMAZING!

The second part of the logo above, "Sharing the joy" is probably my favorite thing about being a consultant.  As a consultant, I SHARE CTMH with people, and teach them how to use our products and share ideas for using products.  Other companies demo products, you buy them, and you're on your own.  I am not a demonstrator, I am a scrapbooking CONSULTANT, which means you can consult me on how to use products, how to make fresh new layouts and cards, and how to step up your creativity.  I LOVE IT!

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