Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reason Number 23 of the 31 reasons to join CTMH

Reason 23:  Close to My Heart has a palette of SIXTY exclusive colors that all paper packs and inks are based on.  What's so awesome about this is on every paper pack, the colors are LISTED so you can pull out your inks and card stock sheets and get busy.  Many of our colors are lighter/darker values of each other, so I know if a paper pack uses Blush, I can also incorporate Baby Pink and Hollyhock without worrying if the pinks clash.  They are all based on the same color, just lighter/darker values.  I can do the same with Heavenly Blue and Crystal Blue, Sweet Leaf and Olive, Honey and Goldrush....you get the idea!  

If you go to a scrapbook store or craft store, you might choose a patterned piece of paper and then think you have a coordinating piece at home, or you might hold up the patterned piece to all the cardstock in the store, hoping that you can match it in the store lighting.  You know how this goes, you NEVER get it quite right, especially with hard colors like red or pink.  I find them impossible to match in the store!  But with CTMH, all the colors are designed to work together and are chosen by Jeanette Lynton and her team of artists for every paper pack.  It's so easy to scrap with CTMH and as a consultant I get first crack at the new colors coming out this summer!  Most likely four colors will be retired, and four new colors introduced (that's how it worked in 2008).  Then, we will receive new paper packs featuring these colors, card stock packs, inks, and markers all in the new colors!  SO EXCITED!

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