Friday, March 26, 2010

Reason Number 26 of the 31 reasons to join CTMH

Reason 26:  I just watched a segment on Good Morning America about people who are job hunting and are being turned away because they are "overqualified".  How disheartening!  In this economy, people have lost jobs, can't find a similar one, and are being forced to accept the fact that they must look for a job that is beneath their qualifications.  Then they are told they are overqualified!  

My reason today for joining Close to My Heart is so simple.  There is a home in this company for everyone, all creativity levels, all business levels, all qualifications.  No one is turned away for just wanting a great discount on wonderful products, nor is the person who is ambitious and wants to build a business they can run from home.  You can start in CTMH as a hobbyist, grow into a business owner, and any and all levels in between.  CTMH grows and shrinks with you as your needs grow and shrink.  Car died and you need to start making car payments?  Step up your business.  Work load at your "real" job heavy this month?  Pull back a little.  You won't get fired here.  You don't have to interview in a suit that makes you sweat.  You don't have to look up all the buzz words and try to impress anyone.  We accept you just the way you are.  And we love you for it.  This company is a family of consultants, we are valued and listened to, and we support each other every single day.  No one is under-qualified or over-qualified.  There is simply a home for everyone.

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