Friday, March 5, 2010

Reason Number 5 of the 31 reasons to join CTMH

Reason 5:  A scrapbook store at my fingertips!!!  I, like you, have a life.  And sometimes that life interferes with my scrapbooking!  For example, if it's snowing, the kids are sick or tired, it's raining, or I just don't feel like getting out of my pajamas, I can still shop anytime I want and I always get a discount!

The Close to My Heart Idea Book is released three times a year, two times MORE OFTEN than our competitors.  In the scrapbooking aisles of the stores near me, the products there change very little over the course of time.  The paper is exactly the same as it's been for the last couple of years.  In my local scrapbooking store (which is like the rarest of exotic animals, this store, as so many go out of business!) they change the products much more often, but to me it's confusing to buy paper there.  Patterned paper is on one wall, and cardstock is in another place, stickers are random and don't coordinate with the paper and colrs...the list goes on!  I enjoy going to these places, but usually only to look and say, CTMH has better!

Tomorrow I am going to talk more about the discount I mentioned earlier, because that is great fun!  I can shop CTMH any time I want, and that's worth being a consultant right there!  Can you shop with me as a customer at any time?  Of course!  But YOU won't get the discount I am getting, so join my team and you can have it too!  

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