Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reason Number 9 of the 31 reasons to join CTMH

Reason 9:  I can go into a craft store and look at all the supplies and appreciate them for what they are, and not have a clue what to do with them!  That's why reason number 9 is CREATIVITY!  On my own, I'm lost.  Close to My Heart provides a number of resources for consultants to use instead of trying to design something new and fresh every month.  One of those is called Workshops on the Go, or WOTG.  WOTG is a program that we use for workshops, clubs, classes, and inspiration!  A WOTG contains a full level 2 paper pack, an instruction guide to make two two-page layouts (one of which is a brand new Jeanette Lynton pattern) or a set of 6 cards, an accessory pack, and an exclusive stamp set not available in the Idea Book, all for $29.95.  

As a consultant, I use the WOTG for inspiration for my monthly club meetings. I get to preview the WOTG online before they are released to us, and I can even buy them early and make all the pages and cards for display to show my ladies what's coming up.  I can buy just the WOTG guides and use the exclusive patterns for my club so that they have something fresh and new to work on.  There are so many talented consultants in CTMH that someone has always taken the WOTG layouts or cards and made them with a twist, and then they graciously post the results online in our artwork forum, another amazing source of inspiration!

As a business-oriented Close to My Heart Consultant, I am grateful for the WOTG for creative inspiration!  But hobbyists can benefit too, as even the most artistic of us get blocked sometimes, and CTMH offers so many resources for creativity!  I will blog about some of our other resources later this month, so keep coming back! 

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