Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Studio scrapbooked layout to share with you!

I created this Studio J layout this morning while I watched Regis and Kelly.  It seriously took me about 10 minutes once I chose my photos.  What was really awesome was I didn't have to upload the photos to Walgreens for printing, get into my car with Nate later in the day, go pick up the photos, then wait until the kids are asleep tonight to get to scrap them!  I did it all sitting in my armchair!

Here's a cost comparison for you:
Studio J layout:  $12.95 (I will wait until I have 10 layouts to purchase so I get free shipping and page protectors)  Plus I get my commission discount too!  Materials-just my laptop!  

Classic Layout:  If I had to buy everything that I used on this layout, whether I had to buy it new or use what I have, here's what it would look like:
Magic Moments paper pack:  $12.95
Magic Moments My Stickease:  $4.95 (And I resized the stickease to fit my needs-the circle sticker was larger and the just plain cute sticker was enormous!  I made it smaller to fit my needs.
Colonial White mini medley accents:  $4.95
Sunflower buttons:  we don't sell this color button-I custom colored mine!
Cocoa photo hanger:  we don't sell this color photo hanger-I custom colored this too!
Button thread/waxy flax:  we don't sell cocoa waxy flax-I custom colored mine, and we don't sell cocoa thread either.  But with Studio J, it doesn't matter! 
Font CD:  Inkling (title) is on one of our CDs-$9.95.  But the journaling font (classroom) is not. Adhesive:  Bonding memories $6.95 plus glue dots for the ribbons $7.50.  
Photo printing:  $1.75 (not that I ever only print 7 photos at a time, I would wait until I have over 100)
Total so far:  $47.25, and since I don't have the right colored buttons, photo hangers, or thread, either I have to go out to the store and hope to find something that works, or use something else and be less satisfied.

The thing I love MOST about using Close to My Heart products is that everything is color coordinated and is made to work together.  I don't have to go to the big box stores and hope to find something that works.  CTMH makes it work for me.  I realize not everyone uses only CTMH products (silly you!) but it sure works well for me!  I like to scrap *Faster*Simpler*Easier* I sure get a lot done when I don't have to worry about a button not being the right color yellow, or compromising what I want something to look like.  
Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now and hope that you go to my website, create an account, and give Studio J a try!  What do you have to lose?  It's FREE!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Studio J is LIVE for you to try!!!

YES!  Today is a special day!  Today, right now, you can go to my website,, create an account for yourself (it's at the very top of the page, takes two seconds), and click on the Studio J link!

The above layout is a sample of what a Studio layout looks like.  The papers are Grace, one of last fall's paper packs, and the layout is from Imagine.  You know how you love Close to My Heart's paper kits and how-to books?  Studio J takes them and make it even easier to create your layouts!  There are many paper kits to choose from, and some are retired paper packs that are hard to find, and some are exclusive paper kits that are not available any where else-one is called Hippity Hop and is super cute for Easter layouts!  

There are five easy steps:  upload your photos, choose your paper kit, choose your layout design, add photos/embellishments/journaling, and add to your shopping cart.  You do not pay a thing unless you decide to purchase your layouts.  They are kept by Close to My Heart for 90 days, and you'll get reminders from the company about the amount of time you have left.  

Do you ever feel like you're so behind in your scrapping that you'll never catch up?  I hear that from so many people, especially those who scrap "in order".  Their books are chronological and are organized by date.  Then something happens, an illness, a job change, a new baby, whatever, and suddenly you are more than 6 months behind, or worse!  For chronological scrappers that is terrifying!  It might make you so unhappy that you put off scrapping because "you'll never catch up".  That makes me so sad!  Scrapping is our GETAWAY!  We do it because we love telling our stories, and preserving those memories for our children.  It should not make us feel bad!

What is you could catch up on your layouts quickly and easily?  Studio J might just be what you need to whip out those layouts that are weighing on your mind, and get them done and in albums so you can focus on the more recent layouts that have been on your to do list for too long!  Studio J is a great way to get layouts done!  I had a lot of photos from Easter that I wanted to scrapbook, but in all honesty I did not feel like spending several nights in my scrap room working on them.  I have other projects that really need to get done and I was torn.  Then, while watching TV one afternoon, I thought-Studio J!  So I uploaded all my Easter photos, chose the exclusive Hippity Hop paper kit, and made three two-page layouts, complete with embellishments, ribbons, journaling, photos, distressing-everything I normally do-DONE in 40 minutes!!  And all it will cost me is $38.85!  Now, I know that sounds like a lot.  But, if I had to buy everything I used in Studio J to recreate those layouts, I would spend at least $52.00!  So I saved money by using Studio J.  Plus, if I wait until I have ten layouts completed in Studio J, then I will get free shipping/handling AND ten free page protectors!  More savings!!!

I know another objection you have.  You're saying that you already have so much paper, stickers, ribbons, etc., that you could just never come close to using them up.  You know why you have so much paper?  Because you're BUYING instead of CREATING!  If I want to make a layout using It's a Guy Thing, and I really want to only use enough for two pages, then I have to spend the $12.95 on a paper pack and then have all that leftover paper.  BUT, if I used studio J, then I have my layout and I don't have all that paper left over that I will just feel guilty about!  And maybe you need to take a realistic look at your stash-are you really going to use those papers you bought ten years ago?  Hasn't your style changed?  How about you donate them to a girl scout troop, a school, an assisted living home, or somewhere where they will be used.   Then start fresh!  Studio J fresh!  

It is addictive and fun and relaxing to work with!  Give it a try!  You have NOTHING to lose-since Studio J is FREE FREE FREE until you purchase layouts!!    Just remember you need to create an account on my website so you will be linked to me, and then I can answer any questions you might have and reward you with gifts when you use it!  Oh yeah, didn't I mention??  I would like to treat you to a fabulous CTMH album when you purchase your first ten layouts by May 31!!  This incentive will begin May 1 and run through May 31, and it's only from ME!  You need to create that account with me, and purchase the layouts from me, in May, and in addition to receiving free memory protectors and shipping from CTMH, I will send you a FREE 12 x 12 CTMH album in the color of your choice.  Now, isn't that worth giving it a try??

I have my completed layouts to share with you when I see you, and feel free to email me if you have questions.  I will also be having a Studio J Come and Play night very soon-as soon as I figure out how to hook my laptop up to my TV so everyone can see the monitor!  

Monday, April 26, 2010

Week in the Life: Day 7

8:30 am Maggie getting off to a slow start-she was tired after a long week.
9:15 am I've had terrible allergies this week-Zyrtec-D has been my friend!
4:30 pm Nate having some Honeycomb cereal-he ate two bowls of it!
4:30 pm Maggie watching Scooby Do movies-they give me a headache but she loves them.
5:30 pm Maggie's dinner-breakfast for dinner!
5:30 pm My dinner-breakfast too!  Nate had cereal, and Ronnie made spaghetti.  My friend Colleen calls this catch as catch can dinner!
7:30 pm I had put a 20 pound turkey in the mud room sink to defrost for Ronnie's birthday on Tuesday-and I had to write myself a note to remember to put it in the fridge before bed.  I still forgot!  I went downstairs at 11 pm to read a bit more and saw the note!
8:00 pm Maggie's hair ritual-she HATES getting her hair brushed-this is the start of it, and we use copious amounts of No Tangle spray!
8:10 pm Hair is dried and adorable, and now she smiles!
8:10 pm Nate being silly before bed.  

This was a really normal week for us, so I am excited to scrapbook this.  I spent some time yesterday organizing photos for projects, and today I'm going to upload and send all my photos to Walgreens for printing.  The one in my town does a pretty good job, and it's really nice to upload them in the morning and go pick them up in the evening.  I usually print about 250 at a time, so it takes all day.  But I don't get to scrap until night time anyway, so it's fine.  

I also scrapbooked some Easter pages last night while sitting in my living room-using CTMH's new product, Studio J!!!  I am going to blog about this tomorrow so be sure to check it out.  Corp has made more improvements based on our suggestions and it is SOOOO easy to use!  

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the Life: Day 6

9:15 am My CTMH table set up for the Avenel Middle School Crop.
6:30 pm The kitchen after dinner-it was fairly clean when I got home, then I messed it up.
7:15 pm Nate fell asleep watching TV, he had played outside all day!
7:30 pm Maggie zoned out on the couch-she had played outside all day too.
7:30 pm The kids had made play-dough with my mom during the day.
7:30 pm Smoked bluefish

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week in the LIfe: Day 5

9:15 am Nate watching his show while I am upstairs doing laundry.
10:30 am Nate cheering on the neighbor who is mowing his lawn on a riding lawn mower-or as Nate calls them, a tractor.
1:30 pm My UPS man came with a big white box today-yeah!  This is my box of Expo materials-lots of paper needed and I need to get prepping for this asap.
3:00 pm Maggie wasted no time getting back to her Playmobile sets!
6:00 pm I am on my way to Shop Rite (all by myself!!!  *giggling uncontrollably*) to do a big food shop.
7:00 pm The back of the car all loaded up-yes, I should have removed the stroller first!  

I took far fewer photos on Friday than the rest of the week.  Saturday (today) I had a scrapbooking crop that I'll post about tomorrow, and since I was out of the house from 7:15 am till 4:45 pm I have ever fewer photos.  I took some at the crop, and then some tonight of what I found around the house.  But for two days, I uploaded 45 pictures-when on day one I uploaded over 100!  Still okay with this-I feel that I captured a lot of our daily lives in the first couple of days that I didn't need to keep shooting the same things over and over just because I did them on a different day.  I did spend some time thinking about what paper I want to use for this album while at the crop today, and I think I've decided on Emporium!  I love Emporium and feel that the greens and blues will go well with what we did this week.  

I know that Ali Edwards collects a lot of "stuff" for her album-tickets, receipts, to do lists, etc.  I thought about this all week and quite frankly, I didn't collect any.  I am not worried about this either!  My photos and layouts will tell our story very nicely!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Week in the LIfe: Day 4

7:25 am Maggie's gear for school.
7:30 am Maggie has 4 silver dollar pancakes every morning, with a chocolate milk.
8:15 My favorite website-The Harry Potter Companion.  If you love the series, you need to go to this site asap!
8:30 am Nate got hold of the camera and decided to capture HIS world!
9:15 am Wash mountain
10:00 am Wash mountain tamed.
10:45 am Putting together Maggie's Playmobile sets and getting a pedicure by Nate.
7:30 pm Doing the dishes.  Photo by Maggie
7:30 pm Daddy relaxing on the couch-photo by Maggie
7:45 pm Maggie dancing-photo by Nate.

I noticed that Thursday I probably took the least amount of photos.  We really laid low.  Everyone was tired after Wednesday's festivities, and Nate and I worked on the laundry and cleaning up upstairs for most of the morning.  Then after several melt downs I made him take a nap, and I took one too.  Then once Maggie got home, she played with her Playmobile sets and Nate and I cleaned out the sand/water table and then played with that.  A thunderstorm rolled through at dinner time and we talked a lot about that.  

I think that it's okay I took less photos yesterday than the other days.  I still captured our daily life and will still have lots to work with once I start making my album.  I'm not stressed about the number of photos I take every day, anyway.  I really try hard not to stress out about scrapbooking to begin with, as it's my creative release and my happy place!  I work hard to keep stress DOWN in my life, and I don't want something that I love so much to become a source of stress, because then I will not want to do it any more.  Just go with the flow-whatever you capture, you capture.  Remember, your life has ups and downs and that's the way it's supposed to be.  Just go with it.  Probably for Thursday I will journal more than letting the photos tell the story.  And that's oaky with me.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in the Life: Day 3

7:25 am Ready for the bus stop-Maggie's birthday
8:10 am Making Maggie's birthday cake-strawberry cake, strawberry frosting filling, triple chocolate fudge chip icing (a giant chocolate covered strawberry!)
1:30 pm Getting ready to mow the lawn again and do some fishing in the front yard
2:00 pm Playing trains in the car
3:00 pm Maggie had a birthday crown and sticker to celebrate her birthday
6:00 pm Tomato and fresh mozzerella appetizer-soooo yummy!
6:30 pm Ronnie and my dad under a pink umbrella doing the grilling!
7:00 pm Maggie ate so many King Crab legs, it boggled the mind!
7:45 pm Opening presents
8:30 pm Eating the birthday cake-Nate is not allergic to the strawberry icing so he picked most of that off and ate it.  

Yesterday I also took some time to write down things that we've done over this week, that I either captured photos of or not.  I will include this as journaling in the finished album-probably using parts of it on smaller cards or tags next to the photos, and including the original pages in the back of  the album.  

I almost never take photos of myself, and I am usually the one taking pictures, so I never get in the album myself.  This week I am trying consciously to include a couple of pictures of me in the album so my kids can see what I looked like!    I've been using the timer option on my camera and it's been working well.  Try it yourself!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the Life: Day 2

7:30 am Ready for the bus stop
7:00 pm Feeding the cats
7:40 pm Nate mowing the lawn after Ronnie mowed it.
7:40 pm Maggie holding some flowers-her last day being FIVE years old.
7:45 pm Self portrait
8:00 pm Made a Natey cake so he can have cake at Maggie's birthday dinner Wednesday

Again I am indecisive on the type of album I'm going to use these photos for.  I do really like the idea of the 3-Ring Binder album, but it is small, about 5.5 by 8.5.  Not much opportunity for actual scrapbook pages unless I cut all the photos pretty drastically.  I have been thinking a lot about using baseball card pages-the kind with the rectangles for the cards-I've seen some albums made using these and like them, but I think they are 8.5 by 11 and I don't have ANYTHING else this size.  I'd have to cut all my card stock down, buy new page protectors, buy a new album....too much money for that.

So I am also thinking about a 12 x 12 album using the Six Pocket pages in addition to making two (or one) page layouts with my favorites from each day. Hmmmmm......