Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Day: Week in the Life

7:25 am First photo of the day, before the bus stop
9:45 am Going shopping for Maggie's birthday
11:30 am what I am reading for the millionth time!
2:40 pm HEading to the bus stop to get Maggie
2:50 pm Maggie was first off the bus today
3:00 pm Maggie gets right to her homework
6:00 pm Potty time
7:45 pm Sun setting in my laundry room window

These photos are just some of the ones I took yesterday.  I think I took about 97 photos!  I am almost 100% sure I will use a My Creations 3-Ring Binder from CTMH.  I will add Flip Flaps so I can use lots of my photos.  Of course, I may change my mind too!  I hope you are working on your Week in the Life too!

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