Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Studio scrapbooked layout to share with you!

I created this Studio J layout this morning while I watched Regis and Kelly.  It seriously took me about 10 minutes once I chose my photos.  What was really awesome was I didn't have to upload the photos to Walgreens for printing, get into my car with Nate later in the day, go pick up the photos, then wait until the kids are asleep tonight to get to scrap them!  I did it all sitting in my armchair!

Here's a cost comparison for you:
Studio J layout:  $12.95 (I will wait until I have 10 layouts to purchase so I get free shipping and page protectors)  Plus I get my commission discount too!  Materials-just my laptop!  

Classic Layout:  If I had to buy everything that I used on this layout, whether I had to buy it new or use what I have, here's what it would look like:
Magic Moments paper pack:  $12.95
Magic Moments My Stickease:  $4.95 (And I resized the stickease to fit my needs-the circle sticker was larger and the just plain cute sticker was enormous!  I made it smaller to fit my needs.
Colonial White mini medley accents:  $4.95
Sunflower buttons:  we don't sell this color button-I custom colored mine!
Cocoa photo hanger:  we don't sell this color photo hanger-I custom colored this too!
Button thread/waxy flax:  we don't sell cocoa waxy flax-I custom colored mine, and we don't sell cocoa thread either.  But with Studio J, it doesn't matter! 
Font CD:  Inkling (title) is on one of our CDs-$9.95.  But the journaling font (classroom) is not. Adhesive:  Bonding memories $6.95 plus glue dots for the ribbons $7.50.  
Photo printing:  $1.75 (not that I ever only print 7 photos at a time, I would wait until I have over 100)
Total so far:  $47.25, and since I don't have the right colored buttons, photo hangers, or thread, either I have to go out to the store and hope to find something that works, or use something else and be less satisfied.

The thing I love MOST about using Close to My Heart products is that everything is color coordinated and is made to work together.  I don't have to go to the big box stores and hope to find something that works.  CTMH makes it work for me.  I realize not everyone uses only CTMH products (silly you!) but it sure works well for me!  I like to scrap *Faster*Simpler*Easier* I sure get a lot done when I don't have to worry about a button not being the right color yellow, or compromising what I want something to look like.  
Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now and hope that you go to my website, create an account, and give Studio J a try!  What do you have to lose?  It's FREE!!!!

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