Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in the Life: Day 3

7:25 am Ready for the bus stop-Maggie's birthday
8:10 am Making Maggie's birthday cake-strawberry cake, strawberry frosting filling, triple chocolate fudge chip icing (a giant chocolate covered strawberry!)
1:30 pm Getting ready to mow the lawn again and do some fishing in the front yard
2:00 pm Playing trains in the car
3:00 pm Maggie had a birthday crown and sticker to celebrate her birthday
6:00 pm Tomato and fresh mozzerella appetizer-soooo yummy!
6:30 pm Ronnie and my dad under a pink umbrella doing the grilling!
7:00 pm Maggie ate so many King Crab legs, it boggled the mind!
7:45 pm Opening presents
8:30 pm Eating the birthday cake-Nate is not allergic to the strawberry icing so he picked most of that off and ate it.  

Yesterday I also took some time to write down things that we've done over this week, that I either captured photos of or not.  I will include this as journaling in the finished album-probably using parts of it on smaller cards or tags next to the photos, and including the original pages in the back of  the album.  

I almost never take photos of myself, and I am usually the one taking pictures, so I never get in the album myself.  This week I am trying consciously to include a couple of pictures of me in the album so my kids can see what I looked like!    I've been using the timer option on my camera and it's been working well.  Try it yourself!

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