Friday, April 23, 2010

Week in the LIfe: Day 4

7:25 am Maggie's gear for school.
7:30 am Maggie has 4 silver dollar pancakes every morning, with a chocolate milk.
8:15 My favorite website-The Harry Potter Companion.  If you love the series, you need to go to this site asap!
8:30 am Nate got hold of the camera and decided to capture HIS world!
9:15 am Wash mountain
10:00 am Wash mountain tamed.
10:45 am Putting together Maggie's Playmobile sets and getting a pedicure by Nate.
7:30 pm Doing the dishes.  Photo by Maggie
7:30 pm Daddy relaxing on the couch-photo by Maggie
7:45 pm Maggie dancing-photo by Nate.

I noticed that Thursday I probably took the least amount of photos.  We really laid low.  Everyone was tired after Wednesday's festivities, and Nate and I worked on the laundry and cleaning up upstairs for most of the morning.  Then after several melt downs I made him take a nap, and I took one too.  Then once Maggie got home, she played with her Playmobile sets and Nate and I cleaned out the sand/water table and then played with that.  A thunderstorm rolled through at dinner time and we talked a lot about that.  

I think that it's okay I took less photos yesterday than the other days.  I still captured our daily life and will still have lots to work with once I start making my album.  I'm not stressed about the number of photos I take every day, anyway.  I really try hard not to stress out about scrapbooking to begin with, as it's my creative release and my happy place!  I work hard to keep stress DOWN in my life, and I don't want something that I love so much to become a source of stress, because then I will not want to do it any more.  Just go with the flow-whatever you capture, you capture.  Remember, your life has ups and downs and that's the way it's supposed to be.  Just go with it.  Probably for Thursday I will journal more than letting the photos tell the story.  And that's oaky with me.

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