Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week in the LIfe: Day 5

9:15 am Nate watching his show while I am upstairs doing laundry.
10:30 am Nate cheering on the neighbor who is mowing his lawn on a riding lawn mower-or as Nate calls them, a tractor.
1:30 pm My UPS man came with a big white box today-yeah!  This is my box of Expo materials-lots of paper needed and I need to get prepping for this asap.
3:00 pm Maggie wasted no time getting back to her Playmobile sets!
6:00 pm I am on my way to Shop Rite (all by myself!!!  *giggling uncontrollably*) to do a big food shop.
7:00 pm The back of the car all loaded up-yes, I should have removed the stroller first!  

I took far fewer photos on Friday than the rest of the week.  Saturday (today) I had a scrapbooking crop that I'll post about tomorrow, and since I was out of the house from 7:15 am till 4:45 pm I have ever fewer photos.  I took some at the crop, and then some tonight of what I found around the house.  But for two days, I uploaded 45 pictures-when on day one I uploaded over 100!  Still okay with this-I feel that I captured a lot of our daily lives in the first couple of days that I didn't need to keep shooting the same things over and over just because I did them on a different day.  I did spend some time thinking about what paper I want to use for this album while at the crop today, and I think I've decided on Emporium!  I love Emporium and feel that the greens and blues will go well with what we did this week.  

I know that Ali Edwards collects a lot of "stuff" for her album-tickets, receipts, to do lists, etc.  I thought about this all week and quite frankly, I didn't collect any.  I am not worried about this either!  My photos and layouts will tell our story very nicely!

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