Monday, April 26, 2010

Week in the Life: Day 7

8:30 am Maggie getting off to a slow start-she was tired after a long week.
9:15 am I've had terrible allergies this week-Zyrtec-D has been my friend!
4:30 pm Nate having some Honeycomb cereal-he ate two bowls of it!
4:30 pm Maggie watching Scooby Do movies-they give me a headache but she loves them.
5:30 pm Maggie's dinner-breakfast for dinner!
5:30 pm My dinner-breakfast too!  Nate had cereal, and Ronnie made spaghetti.  My friend Colleen calls this catch as catch can dinner!
7:30 pm I had put a 20 pound turkey in the mud room sink to defrost for Ronnie's birthday on Tuesday-and I had to write myself a note to remember to put it in the fridge before bed.  I still forgot!  I went downstairs at 11 pm to read a bit more and saw the note!
8:00 pm Maggie's hair ritual-she HATES getting her hair brushed-this is the start of it, and we use copious amounts of No Tangle spray!
8:10 pm Hair is dried and adorable, and now she smiles!
8:10 pm Nate being silly before bed.  

This was a really normal week for us, so I am excited to scrapbook this.  I spent some time yesterday organizing photos for projects, and today I'm going to upload and send all my photos to Walgreens for printing.  The one in my town does a pretty good job, and it's really nice to upload them in the morning and go pick them up in the evening.  I usually print about 250 at a time, so it takes all day.  But I don't get to scrap until night time anyway, so it's fine.  

I also scrapbooked some Easter pages last night while sitting in my living room-using CTMH's new product, Studio J!!!  I am going to blog about this tomorrow so be sure to check it out.  Corp has made more improvements based on our suggestions and it is SOOOO easy to use!  

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