Monday, April 19, 2010

A Week in the Life Project

Ali Edwards, scrapbooking superstar, has many projects that she blogs about, and one that she is working on right now is called A Week in the Life.  It's a project documenting the ordinary and everyday things you do for one week.  Then you make a mini book or some type of home for all your photos and ephemera that you've collected for the week.

I tried to do this last year, and quickly became bored by how similar my days were to each other and gave up pretty fast.

This year, as a SAHM, I thought I would have much more to document, so today I started my own Week in the Life project!  I have not uploaded my photos from today yet, but I wanted to share some of the things I have been taking photos of so far.

Nate and I and our morning routine.
Nate's favorite morning treat:  McDonald's hash brown.
Our trip to the toy store, and our loot from the store.
Nate sleeping in the car, and with his sunglasses on.
Nate and I cleaning up the kitchen, playing with a new truck, and all the cups that came out of the dishwasher-so many!
Walking to the bus stop to get Maggie, Nate blowing on dandelions, our shadows as we walked together, playing in the dirt of the bus stop, Maggie getting off the bus, and Maggie blowing on dandelions.
Maggie's back pack contents, Maggie doing homework, and my migraine medicine!

I also took pictures of the blue sky and puffy white clouds today, and I want to take a picture of the pollen dripping off the trees in the back yard as my allergies are out of control today.  I will take pictures of our evening routines too, dinner, bath time, bed time, etc.  

The idea here is to take pictures of everything, whether you use it or not.  Ali Edwards really organizes before her week starts, but I am not that organized!  Also, I have never completed this so I don't really know which sort of organization would work best for me.  I also have NO idea which type of completed project I will make-an album, a mini album, a 9 x 9 accordion album, or something totally new for me.  I am thinking about using CTMH's Six Pocket page protectors, or maybe our Flip Flaps.  If I go with a 12 x 12 album, I will use the Six Pocket pages too-no need to make elaborate two page layouts for everything.  The Six Pocket pages will allow me to use up to 12 photos (without trimming them), or I can fill some of the spaces with journaling or ephemera from the week.  If I choose to make a mini album, I will almost definitely use Flip Flaps to be able to add more photos to the pages.  

I am so excited about this project!  Your week does not have to start on a Monday, so if you'd like to document your own Week, start whenever and go forward for 7 days.  Be sure to share with me what you end up making-there will be serious BLOG CANDY for those of you who play along and post what you do.

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