Monday, June 28, 2010

Something to think about...

I love reading other consultants' blogs for ideas, inspirations, and some insight as to how they run their businesses.  There are quite a few I go to every day for this little pleasure, and today over at Annette Green's blog,, she wrote about preparing for a CTMH Board Book workshop that she held.  I never thought to photograph what it looks like when I prepare for a workshop, and it is amazing!  Her work is very detailed and very artistic, much  more so than mine, but she had a very good point at the end of her post.  

Many times a consultant will spend quite a lot of time preparing for a workshop, from designing it to finding people to sign up for it, to advertising and ordering the supplies, to actually sorting the supplies and doing any cutting that may need to be done ahead of time.  Not to mention taking photographs and writing directions for the guests.  Not to mention hoping everyone shows up who said they would.  Not to mention cleaning up the room where the workshop is to be held, cooking dinner earlier than usual, getting the kids out from under her feet, and possibly preparing a snack for the attendees.  

I was extremely impressed to see Annette's preparation for her board book workshop-holy smokes!  And I love her ideas and am thinking about doing a similar workshop for my customers.  Just remember, it's better to tell your consultant "No, thanks, not this time" than to say maybe or even yes, but not show up.  We put a lot of our hearts in our Close to My Heart businesses, so that you have an evening to create something wonderful.  I am very lucky to have super fabulous customers who don't leave me hanging, but I do hear about it an awful lot.  Be sure to check out Annette's blog to see her work and her post about that board book-it is AMAZING!

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Candy said...

Nicley put. A lot of people don't realize that even though this looks like is a business to the consultant (no matter what company they work for). So, when people don't make a serious commitment they cost you time with your family/friends or others who would like to participate, preparation and money. So, if you aren't sure.....don't leave people hanging. You can always check closer to the date and see if there is space and supplies for one more.