Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yippee!!!!!!!! It's GOODIE BOX day!!!

Another Goodie Box, this one valued at $120, on sale for just $60!!!  I just might splurge and get this one, because I received my $40 Goodie Box yesterday and loved it all!  In my $40 box I got loose sheets of cardstock (3 sheets of 5 different caolors), three different sets of embroidery floss, a Garden Green mini stamp pad, a Circle album, two stamp sets that I didn't have, flower shaped tags, and something else I can't remember.  That was a great goodie box!  I plan on using the flower shaped tags on my Splendor pages next month for club, and since one of my floss packets was all shades of green, I might stitch on those pages as well!  

So I just may have talked myself into buying today's goodie box!  LOL!  I hope you talk yourself into it as well-a friend of mine who is now a team member, bought herself a goodie box back in December and saved it for her husband to give her for Christmas!  She loved it, and HE loved it because it was so easy!  Even though she knew she was getting a CTMH box, she didn't know exactly what was in it.  What a great idea for YOU!  Buy yourself a box and make your loved ones wrap it up for you and present it to you-everyone's happy!

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