Sunday, July 11, 2010

Convention Updates!!

So sorry not to post from DC!!! My computer charger broke, so my laptop died and my dreams of keeping you all updated just as fast as possible!  I will upload a couple of photos a day and tell you a little about each one.  I had so much fun and can't wait to go to Anaheim next summer for the next one!!  Made so many new friends and reacquainted myself with some favorites!

First off, I posted on Wednesday about the new colors, 8 total!  Here is a better picture of those colors:  Gypsey, Pacifica, Sunset, Cotton Candy, Lagoon, Pear, Sky, and Smoothie!!  Really nice colors, love them all, but Lagoon is my new favorite!

The new how to book MAGIC, is going to be amazing!!!  It contains not only patterns for layouts, but also innovative ideas about how to create INTERACTIVE pages!!  Moveable slides of photos strips, flip up boxes, spinners, hidden pockets, you name it, it's there!!  All patterns will also have non-interactive directions in case you don't want to make them that way.

Another new product is actually a twist on one of our most popular products:  FLIP FLAPS!!  Our original flip flaps are sized 4x6 and make it easy to add more photos in a snap.  Our NEW flip flaps are all 12 inches in length, and come in 3 widths:  4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches!! Wait until you see the layouts we made...posting those tomorrow!!

Come back tomorrow to see them, and to read more about my fabulous time at convention!!

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