Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sad Mac :(

Remember Sex and the City's Carrie got a Sad Mac on her laptop? Her boyfriend-my favorite of her boyfriends!-tried to help her out by pressing control/alt/delete...and she got a SadMac. My MacBook is not that bad off...but when the letter I stopped working, along with the number 8, things were looking dicey. This morning it decided I was done looking up how to send cards to soldiers and powered off. Then it stayed off for a while, then it decided I was allowed to go on again. I knew this was a bad sign...when your MacBook starts making its own decisions, it's time to go to the Geeks!
Because I bought my Mac at Best Buy, I returned there to let the Geeks tell me what I already knew...probably needed another keyboard replacement. I say another because last fall when Nate drooled all over the touchpad, it was fried! This time, I am not sure what happened to make it go fritzty. Perhaps all the sweat on my fingers. Yes, I was without air conditioning during the HOTTEST month on record in recent years. Why? Too long of a story to tell. I am back in my bedroom though, a welcome change from the basement, and have the A/C set on a chilly 72! Nice!
So, because all of my photos are on my Mac, as well as the fact I have no clue anymore how to upload pictures to my desktop computer, I may not update the blog as much during the next couple of weeks. I am sure my poor Mac will be hospitalized for that long...again. Sigh!

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