Saturday, August 14, 2010

Join the TEAM and get in on the FUN!

One of my favorite things about Close to My Heart is that I have a team of women that I work with!  I love recognizing their achievements, small or big, and being their Go-To person when they have a questions.  I also really love adding new people to our happy little mix, because new people means new IDEAS, new JOKES, new FUN, and new CREATIVITY!!!   And like with any team, I need players to fill some different positions on my team.

I have awesome news. Starting August 9, the Close to My Heart New Consultant kit has changed to provide you with the Business Essentials* you need to run your business PLUS your choice of 3 of the 6 “choose me” options to meet your unique business needs. The New Consultant kit price starts as low as only $129 and includes a choice of three "choose me" bonus packs with the option of purchasing more.

New Consultant Kit Choose Me 4

So now, you can customize your kit to fit what ever position you want to play on my team:

  • Business Builder – Work with customers to hold home gatherings, introduce them to Studio J, create clubs, have fun at weekend crops and host workshops. Make additional income to contribute to your family. Wake up with a purpose to your day – owning your own business!
    Recommended options: 1, 2 & 3 or 4 ($320 value)
  • Studio J Consultant – You have fallen in LOVE digital or online scrapbooking. The ease and timeliness of creating these Studio J layouts works with your lifestyle. Between you and your friends & family, you are creating about 10 layouts per month. With your Studio J membership, you will pay no more than $5.00 per layout, get free shipping, page protectors & Jpegs.
    Recommended options: 1, 2 & 5 ($320 value)
  • Club Coordinator – You have a group of friends that love Close to My Heart as much as you do. Get 4 or more of them together once a month to create one of CTMH's Workshop on the Go and get at least a 22% discount on your purchases.
    Recommended options: 1, 3 & 4 ($290 value)
  • Hobbyist – You and a couple of your friends really like CTMH's products. You submit $300 or more in orders per quarter and get at least a 22% discount on all your purchases.
    Recommended options: 3, 4, & 5 or 6 ($210 value)
  • Junior Consultant – After getting the new Consultant Kit, you realize you like CTMH's products but may only order a few things a year at a 10% discount.
    Recommended options: 3, 4, & 5 or 6 ($210 value)

*Every kit will come with Business Essentials that include: Open Me First Brochure, Current Idea Books and KeyNotes® (Quarterly Consultant Magazine), Product Review, You Are Welcome Here Brochures (Recruiting), The Rewards Come Now Brochures (Hostess Rewards), Customer Order Forms, Studio J® Customer Order Forms, Studio J® 5-Pack Cards, Studio J® Membership Cards, Cello Bags.

I’ve listed the Options I would recommend depending on what kind of a team member you see yourself as. But here’s the greatest part; if you want them all, you can purchase them all! Each additional “choose me” option is only $40 each.  You can also join as a hobbyist and later change your mind as your life changes to another position on my team.  It's easy to join, just click HERE and you will go directly to my site to sign up.  

If you are in need of a NEW Fall/Winter Idea Book, please email me and I can get one in the mail to you asap.  My email is!  I hope you decide to be a player with me!

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