Friday, August 27, 2010


Last night as I was browsing through the Fall/Winter Idea Book...

...and my WONDERFUL new How-To Book, Magic.....
....both of which are available on September 1st, I decided to order a couple of tools for my scrapbooking business.  This got me thinking about what are the most essential tools of scrapbooking?  I know I use tons of inks and stamps in my scrapbooking, but I wanted to include the tools that don't necessarily mean you have to use ink as well.  Here's my list in David Letterman style-a countdown!!

Number 10:  the Edge Distresser (click here to see) is a great tool not only because of its super low price (only $2.95) but because it is so easy to add texture to your pages!  Simply drag the edge distresser around the edge of your photos, page, or page elements and it "scruffs up" the edges-slightly tearing them for a really cool effect.  You can go back over those edges as much as you want, creating a slightly worn look or go all out for a tattered effect.  Follow up with ink if you like to change it up even more!  Everyone should have one of these in their tool totes!

Number 9:  a Sanding Kit (click here to see) is another great distressing kit.  At $3.50 a kit you should replace it twice a year!  Sand edges, photos, centers of cardstock, dimensional elements, stickers, and more!  Close to My Heart's sanding kit includes a 4-sided sanding block, 3 sheets of 4x4 sandpaper, and an emery board.  Grits included are 60, 100, and 220, so no more sneaking sandpaper out of your husband's stash to use on your pages.  Plus ours have a super cute B&T style design on them!  So girly!

Number 8:  Distressing Inks (click here to see) are a great way to see if you like inking as much as I do!  There are many kinds of ink on the market-dye based, chalk, pigment, archive, permanent, how do you know if you like to ink before you buy a ton of ink you might not ever use?  You buy CTMH's distressing inks, that's how.  These darling mini pads of two favorite colors, chocolate and black, are only $3.95 and can be used to ink edges, ink stamps, add color with a blending pen, and so much more!  Chalk inks are very similar to dye-based inks, which CTMH's regular ink pads are, but have a slightly chalkier look to them.  

Number 7:  Liquid Glass (click here to see) is an amazing product!  Use it to highlight embellishments on your pages-it adds a lovely shine and gloss to whatever you apply it to.  You can also use it as a super strong adhesive for bulkier items-dries clear so it's invisible!  Love acrylic projects-Liquid Glass is perfect for acrylic items because it's clear.  Just $6.95 and you'll be liquid glass-ing everything you see!

Number 6:  Piercing Tool Kit (click here to see) is perfect if you like to add brads to pages, sew by hand, or add some interest to anything!  The piercing tool kit comes with a piercing tool, two needles, and a cute little mat to put under your project when you use it.  Only $5.95 and you can use it for darn near anything!

Number 5:  3-D Foam Tape (click here to see) is one of my most favorite products that CTMH offers!  I know, it's hard to believe that foam tape is a favorite of mine, but I go through it like crazy because it's easy to use and adds such a PUNCH to your pages so fast your head will spin as you think about what else you can pop up with 3-D foam tape!!  I use it under titles, focus photos, embellishments; I use it to create pockets for hidden journaling, hidden photos, interactive embellishments, and so much more!  When you see the new MAGIC book, you will see 3-D foam tape used in almost every layout because Magic is all about interactive pages!!  SO COOL!  You get two rolls of tape, one skinny and one wide, for $5.95.  

Number 4:  Memory Book Glue Dots (click here to see)  If you are not using Glue Dots then you are making more work for yourself!  These tricky little spots of glue are super strong and easy to use-I attach my ribbons and buttons 100% of the time with Glue Dots!  Just press the button or ribbon to the roll of glue dots, and the glue dot attaches to the button and stays there until you press it to your page.  Two sizes make it easy to attach everything you need!!

Number 3:  Micro-tip Scissors (click here to see) are simply the best scissors for intricate cutting that I have used! Only $9.95 and extremely sharp, they are perfect for cutting out stamped images, cutting ribbon, trimming edges of paper...just about anything you need to cut.  I have bought many scissors in my day and first of all, most GOOD pairs of scissors are very expensive!  CTMH's scissors are so reasonably priced that I have three pairs on my table so there's always one within reach!  Plus they're a delightful purple color!  So cute!! And they have a blade cover to boot!!

Number 2:  Bonding Memories Glue (click here to see) I don't know why you are still using that tape runner adhesive!  Don't tell me how awesome your 3 pound glue gun thingy is-I watched a woman once spend an hour trying to repair a brand new reel of tape that had broken---AN HOUR!!!  I use Bonding Memories for everything flat-if I want it to pop up then I use my foam tape.  A bottle of Bonding Memories lasts FOREVER!!!  Much longer than a tape runner does.  I can have an intensive scrapping session and not run out of glue once!  And it doesn't snap, it doesn't build up those delightful glue boogers on the sides, and it's permanent and removable depending on how I apply it.  Such a bargain for $6.95!!

And the NUMBER 1 ESSENTIAL TOOL OF SCRAPBOOKING:  the Fiskars Euro Personal Paper Trimmer!!!!  (Click here to see)  I have seen just about all the trimmers on the market and probably have most of them, and my GO-TO trimmer is always the Fiskars Paper Trimmer.  The numbers are easy to read (most important to me, as I measure before I cut!!!  You should too, save you LOTS of paper!), the arm swings out easily to measure paper longer than 5 inches, it has a nice wide platform (5 inches wide, wider than most other compact trimmers), blades are easy to find and change out, you can use it for dry embossing in a snap, and it fits in my purse!!  LOL!  Yes, it really does.  It can cut 2 sheets of CTMH cardstock, 4 sheets of CTMH B&T paper, and it really does fit in just about any bag.  I slide it into my rolling carryall bag or tuck it on top-and I can tuck it onto my lap if I am short on space.  Try doing that with those gigantic swing arm cutters!  You'd cut off your circulation!  

What are YOUR Top 10 Tools of Scrapbooking???  Leave me a comment!


Gina B said...

Great tips Jennifer! These are great tips!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Gina!!