Saturday, October 30, 2010

If you go to crops...

What do you want to see at your vendors' tables?

I have several large crops coming up in the very near future, and I'd like to pick your brain!  If you have been to a crop, whether it was all day or a full weekend, what do you hope to find on your vendors' tables?  Kits?  Paper packs?  Stamps, inks, blocks?  Accessories?  Tools?  Single sheets of paper and card stock?  Stickers?

Please leave a comment about what you want to see, and it'll be a HUGE help to me!  Oh, and by the way, one lucky commenter will WIN A PRIZE FROM ME!!!  What could it be?  Well, leave a comment and you just might find out!  Thanks so much!!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday Tag Tutorial

This is a step by step photo tutorial of how to create a tag using the ink blending/layering technique.  For this tag, I used bamboo , desert sand , and chocolate inks for the base of the tag.  I used both new england ivy and cranberry inks to stamp the images with.  The tool I love to use for layering inks is the sponge tool from the Texture Tool set-it does a superior job!  The white tag is just from a big box store, although you could easily make your own tags out of cardstock.  The stamp set is called Share the Magic , and it is October's Stamp of the Month!

Begin with bamboo ink--always work lighter ink to darker ink.  Simply rub the sponge tool over the ink pad.

Then rub the tool over the tag, lighter in the center and darker around the edges.  There is no wrong way to do this.  Apply ink until it looks good to you.

Here's the tag just with bamboo ink.
Repeat with desert sand ink, concentrating more on the edges and corners of the tag than the center.  If you make the center too dark, it will be harder to stamp over the ink.

I like to make the corners pretty dark.

Here's after bamboo and desert sand inks have been applied.

Then add chocolate ink, but really stay just on the edges and the corners.  If this is your first time doing this technique, use a light touch until you get the hang of it.  You can always add more ink, but you can't remove it!

See how I'm doing the edges and corners?  Makes it look very vintage-like it's been in your family for eons!

Okay, here it is after all three brown inks have been sponged on.

I wanted to use the Sharing the Magic sentiment with new england ivy ink.

To get a good image every time, ink your stamp with the tap-tap, twist-twist technique!  No need to "smoosh" the stamp into the ink.  I always end on a tap too-so the ink is not smeared on the stamp.  If you rock your block back and forth or press really hard, you will get ink all over your block which will then get on your project.  Just firm pressure, tap-tap, twist-twist.

Decide where you want your image and press firmly onto the tag, straight down.  Use your fingers on both the edges of the block as well as the center-I don't have my fingers there in this photo  because I am right-handed, and to take the picture I had to hold the block with my left hand!  LOL!  So to stamp I really press both holding the block and in the center.

There we are, a nice image.

Then I wanted to add a border and some mittens, so I used this cute set, called Just for the Holidays .

Long borders are sometimes tricky to get on your block so they're straight-especially thin border stamps or curly ones.  A great trick is to lay the stamp on your table or work area, sort of let it drop so it keeps its natural shape.  Make sure the flat surface that sticks to the block is facing up.

Take your appropriately sized block and press it to the back of the stamp, picking it up.  Works like a champ every time!

I inked this border in cranberry ink, a favorite red especially for the holidays.

I centered the border on the end of my tag, and made sure there was scrap paper under my tag to catch the overhanging ink.

Here's a little mitten, so cute.

Twice in the corner.

I added cranberry grosgrain ribbon --to make it look pretty thread the ribbon from the back to the front of the tag, then tuck the ends back through the loop in the back.  Play with the knot a bit to get it how you want it.


This tag needed some bling, so I used the cranberry sparkles from our new Red, Pink, and Purple sparkle pack.

Small and tiny sparkles are hard to transfer from the plastic sheet to your project, so I use the piercing tool to lift them up and adhere them where I want them.  SOOO much easier!

A quick, simple tag that only took a few minutes to make!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ink Blending Technique

This is one of Close to My Heart's most popular new stamp sets!  It's called Circle of Love
and is $22.95.  A really cool technique for stamping with this large peacock (goes so well with Magnifique, shown in the previous post!) is to use sponge daubers and three ink colors.  

Let's get started.

Here is what the finished peacock looks like:
 Start with your stamp set:
 I usually place the 6x6 piece of foam that comes with each stamp set under my paper to help give a really good impression.
 I used the largest block for the peacock and a pack of sponge daubers .
 I chose three coordinating inks that represented three levels of color:  Sky for lightest, Lagoon for medium, and Pacifica for the darkest.
 I flipped the Sky ink pad over and inked the entire peacock with it.
 It's hard to see, but he's covered with Sky blue!
 Then I used a sponge dauber and Lagoon ink to pounce some of the medium blue onto the peacock.  This blends it a bit with the Sky (makes a lovely color) and will help define the peacock.  Notice the glitter on my ink pad?  That's from the Holiday Tag workshop Glitter Explosion!
 Pounce the sponge dauber where you want the darker colors on the peacock, just don't cover up all the Sky blue.  
 This is after I sponged some Pacifica blue onto the stamp as well.
 BEFORE YOU STAMP:  you will need to "huff" on the stamp to remoisten the ink-just breathe out onto the stamp to do this.  Then stamp, making sure you press firmly (see my fingers in the center of the block?) and do not rock the block back and forth!  This does not help!  Firm pressure straight down is what you need.
And voila!  A gorgeous variegated peacock!  Cut him out, pop him up on some foam tape, and add to your project!

What can you do with a Level 1 kit and a Board Book?

Why, make a SUPER CUTE BOARD BOOK of course!!  I made this board book using a Magnifique Level 1 kit and some Level 1 My Stickease and it took me maybe half an hour.  I cut the ENTIRE Level 1 kit into quarters--each page was cut down into 6x6 squares.  That was it!  Some of the 6x6 pieces I will cut down further for photo mats, like the bamboo 5x5 square here on the front of the book.  Once I put photos onto my book I will take more photos and post them as well.

This project is amazingly cost effective too!  The board book costs only $6.95, and the Magnifique Level 1 kit is $9.95 (all level 1 kits are $9.95).  Level 1 kits all come with TWO sheets of coordinating My Stickease, so there is nothing else to buy!  And, actually, you can purchase TWO board books and ONE level 1 kit and get both books done with one level 1 kit!

Of course, stamping on a My Creations product is super easy to do.  They all come in white chipboard that is very easy to stamp on-no special ink required.  I also plan to ink the edges of this book once I am finished, which will give the book a more finished look.  Give it a try TODAY!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Glitter, Glitter, and more Glitter!

What do you get when you have an eight-year old and a six-year old participating in the Holiday Tag Workshop??

TOO MUCH GLITTER!!!!!!!  Holy cow, it was everywhere.  CTMH's Prisma Glitter is a superfine iridescent glitter that is very fun to play with....maybe a little TOO much fun for the pre-teen set!  

So my tip today is how to get glitter OFF of your My Acrylix stamp sets, because that's how I spent an hour this morning.  It's actually super easy to do:  put a dish towel in the bottom of your sink, put some dish towels on the counter next to you, and get your glittery stamp sets ready.  Then just run some water and rub your stamps under the water (remove from carrier sheets first, and you may have to rinse the carrier sheet too!),  Use your fingers to rub gently at the stamp until all the glitter is gone.  Then replace the stamp on the carrier sheet WITHOUT DRYING IT!  This is very important.  If you dry the stamps with a towel it will leave behind lint, which will make your stamp non-sticky again.  Just place it back on the carrier sheet and do the next stamp.  Then, just leave all the stamps on the carrier sheet to dry.  Once they're dry, no more glitter and your stamps are nice and sticky again!

Click HERE to buy your own prisma glitter and sparkle yourself!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holiday Tag Workshop

On October 24th at 2 pm I will be holding this Holiday Tag Workshop!  You can make one of each tag, several of a few, or all tags the
is up to you.  I made a Halloween tag and a Thanksgiving tag just to show something different.  You can choose to make whatever you need. 

BASIC WORKSHOP:  10 tags (5 small, 5 large), papers, ribbons, many inks and stamp sets to use as you like:  $10  You can add on 10 more tags for just $3.  You will also be able to use my glitter, embossing powders, and liquid applique.  Papers available to use will be the current Mistletoe kit as well as older papers for variety.  

Necessary tools that you should bring with you:  12" trimmer, scissors, adhesive (and a small, thin glue pen if you have one), glue dots, 3-D foam tape or pop dots, liquid glass, and any favorite distressing tools you may want to use.

UPGRADE your workshop by adding on any of these items:  (many of these I used on the tags but they are NOT provided in the workshop)

Sparkles Z1327 Blue and Green Assrt.  $2.95
Sparkles Z1326 Red, Pink, Purple Assrt.  $2.95
Sparkles Z1104 Clear Assort.  $2.95
Sparkles Z1263 Bitty Clear $2.95
Holiday Buttons Z1285 $7.95
Essential Brads Z1219 $4.95
MIstletoe Assrt. Z1330
Opaques Z1335 Licorice $2.95
Opaques Z1333 Mocha $2.95
Opaques Z1336 Pearl $2.95
Shimmer Brads Z1349
Dimensional Elements Flurry Z1225 $4.95
Texture Tools Z1298 $9.95 (I used the sponge tool from this set on almost every tag, but in the   workshop you will be using a regular sponge if you don't have the sponge tool)
Sponge Daubers Z697 $3.95

If you would like to add any upgrades to your tags, you must RSVP by October 16th with what items you'd like, and provide me with a credit card so I can order them for you.  If you are not adding any upgrades, then you can RSVP until October 22nd.  Thank you! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sorry, wrong club kit posted!

So sorry!  I have been working with Olivia lately and just completely forgot that it's not the club layout until November!  The layout at left is the club layout featured this month, using Mistletoe.  Club attendees will receive full sheets of all paper (you have lots of leftovers), ribbon, the flower embellishments, and use of the Stamp of the Month set, Share the Magic, as well as the exclusive set for the Mistletoe Workshop of the Go-those adorable ornaments next to the word JOY are from that set.  The layout design is from MAGIC!!!  Love having a new how to book!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Share the Magic Tag

So here is my unfinished tag using the October SOTM shown below-it needs more bling and some ribbon, but the Santa has a lot of love on him!  

First I stamped Santa on the tag in black ink.  Then I stamped him again on a scrap piece of cardstock and cut him out very carefully.  Using some Bonding Memories glue, I glued him on top of the tag (let the bonding memories glue dry to tacky before putting it on the tag-works like a post-it)-this is called a mask.  Then I used the sponge tool from the texture tools set and started with a  Crystal Blue over the entire tag-including right over the mask of Santa.  Then I added Pacifica ink to the edges and corners of the tag-lightly at first and adding more as I needed it.  You can always add more, but you can't take it away!  

Then I stamped Santa again onto the red snowflake paper from Mistletoe pack and cut out the parts to his outfit.  Yes, this takes time!  But well worth it-doesn't his suit look cute?  I removed the mask Santa and adhered the parts of his suit where they belonged.  I colored his boots, mittens, and belt with black marker.  I colored his present sack with pacifica marker.  Then I used liquid applique to the trim of his suit.  Once dry, I heated it with my heat tool till it puffed.  I stamped some stars from the SOTM set in pacifica, and then the Sharing the Magic as well.  I plan on adding some blue sparkles and some ribbon, and maybe more...don't know yet.  So far I love it!  I am going to be adding more tags to my blog very soon-I am planning a Holiday Tag Workshop this year (instead of cards)-some Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all mixed up!  

October Stamp of the Month: Share the Magic!

Isn't this set super cute?  I just used it last night on a tag for my Holiday card workshop that I am planning-I will take a picture of it asap and post it-I used blues in the background and some Mistletoe paper for Santa's outfit, as well as some Liquid Applique for his trim.