Monday, October 25, 2010

Glitter, Glitter, and more Glitter!

What do you get when you have an eight-year old and a six-year old participating in the Holiday Tag Workshop??

TOO MUCH GLITTER!!!!!!!  Holy cow, it was everywhere.  CTMH's Prisma Glitter is a superfine iridescent glitter that is very fun to play with....maybe a little TOO much fun for the pre-teen set!  

So my tip today is how to get glitter OFF of your My Acrylix stamp sets, because that's how I spent an hour this morning.  It's actually super easy to do:  put a dish towel in the bottom of your sink, put some dish towels on the counter next to you, and get your glittery stamp sets ready.  Then just run some water and rub your stamps under the water (remove from carrier sheets first, and you may have to rinse the carrier sheet too!),  Use your fingers to rub gently at the stamp until all the glitter is gone.  Then replace the stamp on the carrier sheet WITHOUT DRYING IT!  This is very important.  If you dry the stamps with a towel it will leave behind lint, which will make your stamp non-sticky again.  Just place it back on the carrier sheet and do the next stamp.  Then, just leave all the stamps on the carrier sheet to dry.  Once they're dry, no more glitter and your stamps are nice and sticky again!

Click HERE to buy your own prisma glitter and sparkle yourself!

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