Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday Tag Tutorial

This is a step by step photo tutorial of how to create a tag using the ink blending/layering technique.  For this tag, I used bamboo , desert sand , and chocolate inks for the base of the tag.  I used both new england ivy and cranberry inks to stamp the images with.  The tool I love to use for layering inks is the sponge tool from the Texture Tool set-it does a superior job!  The white tag is just from a big box store, although you could easily make your own tags out of cardstock.  The stamp set is called Share the Magic , and it is October's Stamp of the Month!

Begin with bamboo ink--always work lighter ink to darker ink.  Simply rub the sponge tool over the ink pad.

Then rub the tool over the tag, lighter in the center and darker around the edges.  There is no wrong way to do this.  Apply ink until it looks good to you.

Here's the tag just with bamboo ink.
Repeat with desert sand ink, concentrating more on the edges and corners of the tag than the center.  If you make the center too dark, it will be harder to stamp over the ink.

I like to make the corners pretty dark.

Here's after bamboo and desert sand inks have been applied.

Then add chocolate ink, but really stay just on the edges and the corners.  If this is your first time doing this technique, use a light touch until you get the hang of it.  You can always add more ink, but you can't remove it!

See how I'm doing the edges and corners?  Makes it look very vintage-like it's been in your family for eons!

Okay, here it is after all three brown inks have been sponged on.

I wanted to use the Sharing the Magic sentiment with new england ivy ink.

To get a good image every time, ink your stamp with the tap-tap, twist-twist technique!  No need to "smoosh" the stamp into the ink.  I always end on a tap too-so the ink is not smeared on the stamp.  If you rock your block back and forth or press really hard, you will get ink all over your block which will then get on your project.  Just firm pressure, tap-tap, twist-twist.

Decide where you want your image and press firmly onto the tag, straight down.  Use your fingers on both the edges of the block as well as the center-I don't have my fingers there in this photo  because I am right-handed, and to take the picture I had to hold the block with my left hand!  LOL!  So to stamp I really press both holding the block and in the center.

There we are, a nice image.

Then I wanted to add a border and some mittens, so I used this cute set, called Just for the Holidays .

Long borders are sometimes tricky to get on your block so they're straight-especially thin border stamps or curly ones.  A great trick is to lay the stamp on your table or work area, sort of let it drop so it keeps its natural shape.  Make sure the flat surface that sticks to the block is facing up.

Take your appropriately sized block and press it to the back of the stamp, picking it up.  Works like a champ every time!

I inked this border in cranberry ink, a favorite red especially for the holidays.

I centered the border on the end of my tag, and made sure there was scrap paper under my tag to catch the overhanging ink.

Here's a little mitten, so cute.

Twice in the corner.

I added cranberry grosgrain ribbon --to make it look pretty thread the ribbon from the back to the front of the tag, then tuck the ends back through the loop in the back.  Play with the knot a bit to get it how you want it.


This tag needed some bling, so I used the cranberry sparkles from our new Red, Pink, and Purple sparkle pack.

Small and tiny sparkles are hard to transfer from the plastic sheet to your project, so I use the piercing tool to lift them up and adhere them where I want them.  SOOO much easier!

A quick, simple tag that only took a few minutes to make!

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